Recently Google Adsense has made a change to their ads by changing the name from “Ads by Google” to “Ad Choices”. For most of people it might not be a very big thing to notice and even the people who publish Google Ads might not have an idea what its all about.

The reason behind it is that Google’s Ads is high abortion rate. In USA there are about 6 million Internet searches for the keyword ‘Abortion’ and Google Ad’s used to provide them paths to abortion. Many most common way of seeking abortion was to search for it and that what most of the people do.But Thanks to Online for Life, an Anti-Abortion group, an effort has been made to stop people from doing this crime.Online for life

Online for life means that they have come online on the internet to stop people from taking lives.”

The humanist group started to buy Google Ad's for the abortion related keywords . So they can provide Ads that stop the people to do so.

This is indeed a great effort. They are showing up the images that make people realize that they are committing a crime by doing abortion. They need donations to buy Google Ads to stop the abortion. Abortion should not be a choice as Mother Theresa said,

"It is a very great poverty that a child should die so his parents can live as they wish."

How Google Displays Ads

Google’s goal is to help people find relevant information. They do so by showing Sponsored Ads. They want ads to be as relevant as possible. Sometimes they show ads relevant to the page category, other times they show ads relevant to your choice i.e if you search doctor a lot, then Google will store the category of the page you visited. So next time when you visit some site then you might get an ad related to keyword doctor.Google Ads Preferences

Google also allows you to change the ad preferences. You can always change which type of ads you want to see.

You can add preferred ads by clicking on the add categories button and you will be shown ads of your preferencesGet Ads according to your preferred category

You can also choose not to display preferred ads but to show them up according to your cookies. For this select Opt out option.

Get ads according to your cookies

So What's About Ad Choices

Previously i used to represent Ads by Google, if you move your mouse on the i it would expand to Ads by Google and that can be clearly seen in the below Screen Shot.

Ad Choices is Been Shown Instead of Ads by Google

Now instead of That i an image of rectangle is seen & it will expand to Ad Choices instead of Ads by Google, If you click on that you will be taken to Google Adsense page where they will show you the following content :

What are ads by Google

Set Up you Ad Preferences

An option to control your ad preferences would also be shown on that page. I have already explained above how to set this.

Google Ads Preferences Manager

Thus this is indeed a good effort by Google to ask from the users which type of ads they want to see so they can get relevant and friendly advertisements.

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