I have been writing guest posts for over a year now and within this period alone I have written a total of over 500 guest posts.Guest Blogging Tips I am also seen as an expert as far as guest blogging is concerned and what this means is that I have learned a lot and have been asked a lot of questions as far as guest blogging is concerned. I have also learned some major tips that must be considered when trying to guest post, irrespective of your status. This guest post will be giving you 3 major tips to keep in mind when trying to guest post on other blogs.

1. Guest Blogging on Related Blogs is Better than Guest Blogging on Non Related Blogs


I have seen a lot of guest bloggers write about health on technology blogs and I have also seen countless bloggers write about blogging on technology blogs. I’m not saying that this technique can’t be effective or that it has never yielded results but in my own experience the best way to get great results from your guest post is by only writing for related blogs.

If it is difficult for you to find related blogs in your niche you can easily look for blogs in a niche closer to yours. For example, if you write about vegetables but can’t find a blog that talks about vegetables to guest post for you can easily write a guest post for a blog that talks about food in general.

2. Not Caring about the Quality of your Guest Posts

Another important thing you have to consider as far as guest blogging is concerned is the quality of your guest posts.Quality

As a rule, if I can’t publish a particular post of mine on my blog I can’t submit it to others. Why? Because the quality of your guest post will determine how successful that guest post will be and how much traffic you can get from it. It will also have a great impact on your relationship with the blogger and also bring about new opportunities for you.

Make sure you only submit great and unique guest posts to other blogs.

3. Don’t Submit a Guest Post to More than One Blog


One thing you need to know about guest posts is that they have to be completely unique and must only be used on a single blog. In order words, if you’re submitting a guest post to a particular blog in your niche you mustn’t submit it to another blog and under no circumstances must you publish it on your own blog too.

The reason for this is that if you submit a particular post to more than two blogs it will result in reduced quality of the post and can also lead to the blogs being penalized by the search engines – a lot of bloggers also hate this so it will be in your best interest to only submit a guest post to one blog.

Author Bio : Onibalusi Bamidele is a 17 year old blogger and founder of YoungPrePro. You can read his ultimate guest blogging guide and also subscribe to his blog for constant free internet marketing advice.

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