How do I find readers for my Blog? This is the question that is very common among the bloggers. Here are the 10 ways from which you can get idea of attention seeking of the readers.

10 Ways to Find Readers For the Blog

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Patience …

I guess you don’t want to hear it but it’s a fact that it requires time to build a readership. Unless you are extremely lucky or you have any amazing idea, you must have patience.

Remember, Patience is the key to success.

Unique Contents …

Find Reader Via Posting Unique Contents

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Unless you have good and unique contents, it is difficult to build a readership. It must be new, interesting, well written, useful and something that readers want to read.

Use the words that Readers like …

Use the words that Readers like and Increase the Number of Readers

In writing, the words you use can be just as valuable as the very ideas you look to put forward.  As such, choosing the right mix of words can do a lot to help you whip up a well-written piece. Here are a few ideas …

  • Avoid General Language.
  • Use tangible words.
  • Write in a conversational style.
  • Be straightforward on the first draft.

Write on other Blogs …Write on other Blogs That is Guest Post to Increase Readers

You can post your best written articles on the other famous blogs. You can mention your blog’s link. Make sure that your article is able to attract others and brings them to your blog.

Participate in other web forums …

You should participate in other web forums as you will get to know about the interest of the readers and hence you will be able to seek the attention of the people.

Add a signature to your outgoing email

This is an old but a good technique. Many bloggers do this. Simply add the domain name to your outgoing email. Most email programs will allow you to do this automatically via a signature option.

Interact with Readers

Interact with Readers & Increase the Number of Readers

When a reader reaches out to you with a comment, interact with them. For starters it’s good manners and secondly it’s a good way to increase the chances that they’ll come back again. Make it the best experience as much as you can for them and you’ll find that they are spreading the word for you.

Update Daily …

Update Daily To Increase Readers

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Your blog should be atleast updated with a one new post daily. It leaves a good impression on the readers.

Search engines

Search engines helps to Increase Readers

The longer your blog is active and the more you post , the higher are the chances of a search engine like Google or Yahoo referring visitors to your site. There are a lot of theories of how to boost your ranking on search engines floating around the web but an obvious starting place is to submit your blog’s domain to them so that they’ll start listing you.

Social Networking Sites …

Social Networking Sites helps to Increase Readers

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You can advertise your domain on social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Twitter , etc. You can also make your groups, communities for your blog.

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  1. Paul Salmon // June 2, 2011 at 5:54 PM  

    These are some great tips for finding readers. The one that most people probably ignore is the e-mail signature. All you need to do is think about how many e-mails you send, and then you get an idea of how good a signature can be.

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