I have been writing guest posts for over a year now and within this period alone I have written a total of over 500 guest posts.Guest Blogging Tips I am also seen as an expert as far as guest blogging is concerned and what this means is that I have learned a lot and have been asked a lot of questions as far as guest blogging is concerned. I have also learned some major tips that must be considered when trying to guest post, irrespective of your status. This guest post will be giving you 3 major tips to keep in mind when trying to guest post on other blogs.

1. Guest Blogging on Related Blogs is Better than Guest Blogging on Non Related Blogs


I have seen a lot of guest bloggers write about health on technology blogs and I have also seen countless bloggers write about blogging on technology blogs. I’m not saying that this technique can’t be effective or that it has never yielded results but in my own experience the best way to get great results from your guest post is by only writing for related blogs.

If it is difficult for you to find related blogs in your niche you can easily look for blogs in a niche closer to yours. For example, if you write about vegetables but can’t find a blog that talks about vegetables to guest post for you can easily write a guest post for a blog that talks about food in general.

2. Not Caring about the Quality of your Guest Posts

Another important thing you have to consider as far as guest blogging is concerned is the quality of your guest posts.Quality

As a rule, if I can’t publish a particular post of mine on my blog I can’t submit it to others. Why? Because the quality of your guest post will determine how successful that guest post will be and how much traffic you can get from it. It will also have a great impact on your relationship with the blogger and also bring about new opportunities for you.

Make sure you only submit great and unique guest posts to other blogs.

3. Don’t Submit a Guest Post to More than One Blog


One thing you need to know about guest posts is that they have to be completely unique and must only be used on a single blog. In order words, if you’re submitting a guest post to a particular blog in your niche you mustn’t submit it to another blog and under no circumstances must you publish it on your own blog too.

The reason for this is that if you submit a particular post to more than two blogs it will result in reduced quality of the post and can also lead to the blogs being penalized by the search engines – a lot of bloggers also hate this so it will be in your best interest to only submit a guest post to one blog.

Author Bio : Onibalusi Bamidele is a 17 year old blogger and founder of YoungPrePro. You can read his ultimate guest blogging guide and also subscribe to his blog for constant free internet marketing advice.

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Now You can Get the Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 6 Months License Version for Free & Its Been Said that Install Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 and forget about viruses, spyware and hackers.

About 2 weeks ago i had Shared Similar promotional offer for Microsoft Users that is “How to Get Panda Internet Security 3 Months License Version for Free”.

Get Free Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 6 Months License VersionPanda Antivirus Pro 2012 Features :

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How to Get Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 6 Months License Version for Free.

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Just Install the Panda antivirus Pro 2012 and start using it for free, for 6 months & you don’t need any License key to activate your free copy.

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Blogging has become one of the best ways to earn your own reputation and recognition, which does not knock at everyone’s door. This involves millions of people out there and there are amongst them a few businesses minded people who try to make some money out of this billion dollar ad sense revenue sharing network, using blog as a platformblogging-tipsDo Read : Blog Tips For Making Money Online!

This works like this – you devote some time and hard work, this is possible to make this to happen… you can make your blog work for you! All you need to do is learn some short, smart tips and tricks that will help you to make money online.

Let me discuss here some of the best tips for optimizing your blogs for search engines to get more traffic, which means more money!

1. Research

If you are going to make your career as a blogger, the best idea is to research and learn more about the nuances, tips and tricks about blogging. This is a time consuming job, but the time you spend on reading these materials is worth the time that will aid you in establishing yourself as a capable blogger. Since your first step in blogging should always be the best one and the most careful one.

2. Choosing the right domain name

Choosing the right domain name is going to tell your readers what could be expected from your blog and so is this going to tell the bots from the search engines. This is the reason why the niche of your blog and the domain name should match and go hand-in hand. Your domain name should be short, crisp, and easy to read out and remember. Always prefer domain names that ends with .com, .org and .net.

3. Choosing the right niche

Do Read : Niche Blogging : Make it Profitable

This step in blogging is like the main and the most important step of blogging, which will aid in setting the goal or the target for developing your blog. There may be several blogs in the niche area that you want to build, and writing on several varying different topics could be done for pleasure reading and blogging for passion, but is surely not a wise thing to do. Moreover, when you want to blog, decide on the niche by brainstorming and create directions and topics based on the target audience.

4. Choose the right design for your blog

Do Read : How to Choose Best Template for Blogging

Your design of the blog is going to speak about how clear you are in your blogging career. This should help your readers to know that you want to make things easy for them by setting better design navigation and there are a number of blog templates available, which will let you to choose one that will suit your requirements, taste and style. If you are not good in designing your blog, get this done by using some web designers help, but the blog should be able to more reader friendly.

5. Consistent blogging

When you are going have blogging as your main job, then do this sincerely and seriously. Do see to that you post contents that are worth reading and referring on a regular basis, say for example, post blog posts that are readable every day or once in a week, but not once in two months or something like that. Readers are not interested in blogs that are not consistent and on those who do not post regularly.

6. Write quality articles

Do Read : Is content everything?

These days Google is getting very strict, they are penalizing bloggers for writing contents that are not of good quality, and if they think that they are spammers then the probability of losing your ad sense account is very high. You be on the shoes of the reader while writing your blog posts and this is one of the keys to success.

7. Blogging strategy

Do Read : 5 Effective Blogging Strategies

This is going to help you to do happy blogging and developing a strategy for blogging is going to let you decide how effective and efficient you can be as a blogger, managing your time for your family and friends and still do the blogging activity regularly. Furthermore if you are working elsewhere, you could still be able to manage the voluminous work.

Comments are appreciated!!

Author Bio : Praveen is associated with a hosting company which has a very good web hosting reviews.

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About Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one the most visited websites on the internet. It is used to get quality information for free regarding any topic. Wikipedia added no follow tag to their inbound links so adding link directly won't help to achieve a good traffic.Wikipedia Links has Nofollow TagStill, Wikipedia is a great place to be linked, you can still get a very large quantity of targeted visitors from Wikipedia from external links and reference links. It has an Alexa rank 7 and can send a fair amount of traffic.

Steps to Get Backlink & Traffic From Wikipedia

Get Linked with Wikipedia

The procedure to get backlink from Wikipedia is easy if you are unique content writer. The steps to get linked with Wikipedia are described below,

1. Create Account in wikipedia
Sign Up for an account with Wikipedia. Choose a unique username and a strong password.

2. Find articles matching your niche.

Search Article in Wikipedia

3. Go to the external link section on the article.

Wikipedia References

4. Click Edit and Add your URL there.

Add your Link In Wikipedia References

5. Wait for the moderators to accept your request.

Do Not Spam


Please note that if your website contains copyrighted material or site does not provide relevant data according to where you pasted the url, your site will be immediately removed by the moderators.


I strongly suggest you to only submit your site if your site contains quality content regarding the topic.

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These days, a company cannot be complacent with simply a physical presence. With the world becoming a smaller place through communication and traveling, businessmen should not think global but also need to target the large online community across the globe. Best Google Adsense AlternativesHaving a physical presence through and office, firm, factory etc. is not enough anymore. Anyone who simply has a physical presence is losing out a lot of market share. Online shopping has gained momentum and a large percentage of people in the West prefer online shopping to traditional shopping and this has increased the importance advertising online or online advertising.

One of the popular ways to place advertisements is the pay-per-click model of Google Adwords. Advertisements can take the form of image, text, banner, rich media or video. If blogs and websites are a part of the Google Adsense program, they can hope to raise money with the help of advertisements through Google Adwords.

An advertisement on Google Adsense can generate a steady income though the pay-per-click model. As entrepreneurs, you may be reaping the benefits of Google Adsense. Nevertheless, do you know that there are many best Adsense alternatives available?

Some of the best Adsense alternatives are given below-

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Networks Google Adsense Alternative

Affiliate marketing is a growing avenue and one can earn quite a lot of money by promoting services and products of other businesses. There is no question over the fact that there is increased competition between various websites to lure visitors. You can made decent money if you have a blog or website built around a particular niche or particular product line. You can link advertisements of the related niche/services to your blog or website. You can lure visitors by writing comprehensive articles on the products you are targeting to get money from. If people are impressed by your articles, they will click on the website of your affiliate. If a purchase is made through this mode, you receive a commission. Amazon, Clickbank, CJ and Linkshare are some of the best alternatives to Google Adwords in this arena.

Pay-per click

Pay Per Click Google Adsense Alternative

One of the best Adsense alternatives, is without a doubt, pay-per-click method of advertising- One of the best ways in which a person can monetize a website or blog is through the pay-per click advertising model. All you need to need to do is to place ads which have a likelihood of getting clicked on. This requires skill and precision. If you are thinking that Google Adsense is the only way you can follow this model and generate income from it, you may be surprised. Many Adsense alternatives like Bidvertiser,Yahoo Publisher Network and Adbrite are available.

Cost per action

Cost Per Action Google Adsense Alternative

Bearing similarity with the pay-per-click model of advertising, ads need to be placed on a blog or website. The difference between the two models is that while you get paid when a visitor simply clicks on the ad in the pay-per-click model, the transaction actually needs to be complete in order to be paid, in the cost per action model

Author Bio : John is an SEO and also owns a healthcare firm http://www.weightlossdietpills.org where you can get weight loss pills for effective weight loss.

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What is Favicon?

A favicon (short for favorites icon), also known as a shortcut icon, Web site icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, is a file containing one or more small icons, most commonly 16×16 pixels, associated with a particular Web site or Web page

Blogger Recently Added the Favicon Widget / Gadget / Plug-in into Blogger Blog’s Design, so that now user don’t need to worry about adding any extra HTML codes into their blog template. Since now it can be done directly from the page elements section.

How to Add Favicon in Blogger (BlogSpot)?

Login to Blogger. Now from Blogger Dashboard  > Go to Design > Page Elements. There you will see the Favicon Gadget or Widget At the Top.

Blogger Adds Favicon Widget In Page elements

Now Edit that Favicon Widget / Gadget.

Configure Favicon - Upload your Custom Favicon Widget

Upload your Custom favicon and that should be having .ico file extension and the best size of a favicon is 16x16 pixels.

That's it. I hope you liked this tutorial…

Blogger in Draft: Customize Your Favicon

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What is niche Blogging? Niche Blogging make it profitable

The niche blogs is now the most popular words among the members of the internet group. The blogs are generally the websites or part or part of it which are used to post information for particular subject. The blogs may be easily classified into categories of personal one and niche blogs. The niche is the term which can be defined as a subset of the market. The niche blog is always created for specific topics with precise and meaningful information. The writers of the niche blogs also keep its monetary aspect in the mind.

The success factors in niche blog

The Niche blogging is gaining popularity to mint money online. The making money by just simply writing the matter sounds very good but it is really the tricky matter. The majority of the people after entering the field of Niche blogging end in frustration and failure and ultimately they leave it. The internet is flooded with information on how to write the good niche blog but the basic factors are more or less the same. The main success factors are as follows :


Research - Niche Blogging

The major front where the most niche bloggers get fail is doing the proper research. The proper research is must for success of your niche blog blog. If you are not doing the proper research for the niche you are definitely going to kiss the failure side of it. The first mistake bloggers generally do is that they are very rigid in their approach and idea. They look for the topic what they like the most. But who cares what you like , the readers want to read what they like. Thus the best strategy is chose the topics for which market is there and think how you can compete in that market.

Generate Traffic

The next very important factor Generate Trafficfor success of your niche blog blog is the traffic or you can say the number of visitors visiting on it. 

As it is the common sense that without visitors you have no one to sell your content. Thus to compete in the market you must have a solid strategy to generate traffic for your niche blog. It is not as simple that you create it and people visit it and you get the money. It will not generate the money until and unless you are not able to convert your visitors to paying customers. There are so many options are available to generate traffic including free ones and the paid ones. In the beginning just focus that how you ca generate the free traffic.

Conversion of the visitor

Conversion of Visitors In Niche Blogging

The content of the blog play the most important role in conversion of visitor to paying customer. The contents of the blog must be informative , inspiring and the quality one. The visitors approach the blog to find the solution of their own problems. Thus the contents of the blog should be informative one and inspirational. The visitors visualize authority in your niche only when they find simple solutions for their complex problems.

Author Bio : Montey, who blogs for Blogging Junction where he shares shopperpress coupon codes and hostgator dedicated server coupon. Check out his blog for more hostgator dedicated server coupons as well as shopperpress coupons. Check out his latest article about theme junkie coupon codes.

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Here’s a look at the ten best tablets on the market. These are all useful tablets that can help you out with all sorts of computer and organizational needs no matter where you are

Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2

Apple’s iPad 2 is the top name in the world of computer tablets. The iPad 2 features a 9.7-inch screen, memory options of up to 64 GB depending on model and an A5 dual-core processor that is faster than what the original iPad used. This tablet also comes with support for more applications than what you’d fine in other tablets.

BlackBerry Playbook

BlackBerry Playbook

This BlackBerry tablet features support for high-definition video recording along with a five megapixel camera. The screen is only seven inches in size but the device is less than a pound in weight, thus making it incredibly easy to carry around anywhere.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

This tablet from ASUS features support for the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. This will work with most of today’s popular Android applications. It also features a keyboard dock as an option. This can be attached to the tablet to not only make typing things easier but to extend the tablet’s battery life.

Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom

The Xoom has a dual-core 1GHz processor and full USB support for connecting the tablet to a computer or other kind of device. The lag on the Xoom is very minimal. It also has a strong 800x1280 resolution rating. This is perfect for the 10.1-inch screen on the tablet. This tablet even features 4G capability.

HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer

The Flyer is only 7.5 inches in size but it has a 1.5GHz processor with 1 GB or RAM. It also works with a stylus pen and the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 is 8.9 inches in size. This is much larger than the original seven inch model. It also features built-in GPS and e-reader support.

ViewSonic ViewPad 7

ViewSonic ViewPad 7

This Wi-Fi tablet features an easy to handle interface with four home screens and easy to handle scrolling functions. It also features support for multiple Bluetooth devices.

Archos 70

Archos 70

The Archos 70 has a built-in stand that can support the tablet as it is being used. This is very convenient because it will make the tablet work like a small computer. The tablet also weights about 0.7 pounds. The Android 2.2 system features five easy to read home menus. There is even a TV output so you can watch television on the Archos 70.

HP Slate 500

HP Slate 500

The Slate 500 uses the Windows 7 Professional operating system, thus giving the tablet support for all sorts of Office applications when on the go. The device includes a style pen for additional support and control.

Notion Ink Adam

Notion Ink Adam

This tablet has a 3.2 megapixel camera that uses a swivel function. This allows the camera to move around so it can get photos handled in many directions. An SD card slot is also included. The Pixel Qi screen build is also easy to read even in bright conditions.

These are ten great tablets for you to look into. They have their own features, operating systems and screens for all types of functions. Be sure to compare them to see which one fits your needs.

Author Bio : Borden is an Tech Lover. He also owns Hghreviews where he reviews about Human growth hormone.

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The Basics of SEO

Posted by Admin | 12:58 PM | , | 1 comments »

Ever wonder how you can ensure that your website or blog is easily found on major search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! Search? The key is SEO, or search engine optimization. Most search engines only show 10 results on a Search Engine Results First Page (SERP), so you want to be sure that your customers find you on the first page near the top of the list. If you do, you’ll get a lot of hits. But if you’re on the second or third page of search results, you’ll miss 99% of the traffic that goes to the top-ranked site.

2 Critical things about Search Engine Marketing

There are two critical things you need to know about search engine marketing. The first is that search engines are the most precisely targeted marketing medium in history. That is because users type exactly what they are looking for in the search box.

The second thing is that you have to gain traction with the search results. But once you do that, incremental costs for gaining additional exposure are quite small when compared with the rewards you can potentially reap. This means that the little guy can compete head-on with large corporations. This offers tremendous business growth potential.

To many, SEO seems a complicated mystery. Others view it merely as an extension of regular marketing techniques. Probably the best way to think about it, though, is as a matter of simplicity and common sense. The sole purpose of search engine optimization is to make a website as easy as possible to find in the search engines.

To be good at SEO, you don’t need a lot of special knowledge about algorithms, taxonomy or programming. But you do need to have a general understanding of the basic principles behind how a search engine works.

For example, it’s important that you know about spiders. Search engines collect data about a particular website by sending an electronic spider, or bot, to visit the site and copy its content for storage in the search engine’s database. These spiders follow links from one page to the next. As they capture and assimilate information from a particular page, they record links and send other spiders to copy the content found on the linked pages. This is an infinite process that never ends. Thus, search engines build databases that collect tens of billions of pieces of data. You want to be sure that your information is easy to find in this morass of information. That’s what SEO is all about.

About Author : Paul Estcott is the founder of MBiz Inc., a bright new company that offers top quality content, marketing consultancy, and facebook marketing campaigns.

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Recently Google Adsense has made a change to their ads by changing the name from “Ads by Google” to “Ad Choices”. For most of people it might not be a very big thing to notice and even the people who publish Google Ads might not have an idea what its all about.

The reason behind it is that Google’s Ads is high abortion rate. In USA there are about 6 million Internet searches for the keyword ‘Abortion’ and Google Ad’s used to provide them paths to abortion. Many most common way of seeking abortion was to search for it and that what most of the people do.But Thanks to Online for Life, an Anti-Abortion group, an effort has been made to stop people from doing this crime.Online for life

Online for life means that they have come online on the internet to stop people from taking lives.”

The humanist group started to buy Google Ad's for the abortion related keywords . So they can provide Ads that stop the people to do so.

This is indeed a great effort. They are showing up the images that make people realize that they are committing a crime by doing abortion. They need donations to buy Google Ads to stop the abortion. Abortion should not be a choice as Mother Theresa said,

"It is a very great poverty that a child should die so his parents can live as they wish."

How Google Displays Ads

Google’s goal is to help people find relevant information. They do so by showing Sponsored Ads. They want ads to be as relevant as possible. Sometimes they show ads relevant to the page category, other times they show ads relevant to your choice i.e if you search doctor a lot, then Google will store the category of the page you visited. So next time when you visit some site then you might get an ad related to keyword doctor.Google Ads Preferences

Google also allows you to change the ad preferences. You can always change which type of ads you want to see.

You can add preferred ads by clicking on the add categories button and you will be shown ads of your preferencesGet Ads according to your preferred category

You can also choose not to display preferred ads but to show them up according to your cookies. For this select Opt out option.

Get ads according to your cookies

So What's About Ad Choices

Previously i used to represent Ads by Google, if you move your mouse on the i it would expand to Ads by Google and that can be clearly seen in the below Screen Shot.

Ad Choices is Been Shown Instead of Ads by Google

Now instead of That i an image of rectangle is seen & it will expand to Ad Choices instead of Ads by Google, If you click on that you will be taken to Google Adsense page where they will show you the following content :

What are ads by Google

Set Up you Ad Preferences

An option to control your ad preferences would also be shown on that page. I have already explained above how to set this.

Google Ads Preferences Manager

Thus this is indeed a good effort by Google to ask from the users which type of ads they want to see so they can get relevant and friendly advertisements.

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There are a lot of mobile phones on the market but the bulk of them have prices to make them more accessible. There are some particular phones that are built for luxury and they certainly have the prices to accompany them.

Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition - $8 Million Dollars

For people who have that kind of money to spend on a mobile phone, it is a nice one. It even stands out from the rest of his collection. The design includes a recreation of the antenna band that has already grabbed the attention of the public. The back plate is covered with rose gold, adding a nice touch. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose EditionThe band has 100 carats worth of diamonds while the logo of the Apple is created with 53 more of them. The home button, made of platinum, features a lovely 7.4 carat pink diamond. For those who aren’t into pink diamonds, it can be replaced with an 8 carat white diamond.

Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme - $3.2 Million Dollars

Sitting at number two in the list of the world’s most expensive mobile phones is this beauty. This is actually another creation by Stuart Hughes. Not a phone that a person would ever want to lose, it is covered with 271 grams of 22k gold. The screen is trimmed with 1 carat diamonds – 53 to be exact.Goldstriker iPhone 3GS SupremeThe home button features a 7.1 carat diamond. This phone is carried in a chest that has been carved from a granite block that has Kashmir gold into the design with a Nubuck top grain leather interior lining.

Peter Aloisson’s Kings Button iPhone - $2.4 Million Dollars

Peter Aloisson’s Kings Button iPhone

While it ranks lower than the others, it is still quite the mobile phone. It is a 3G iPhone that is trimmed with one 138 cut diamonds along the sides. To make it an even better catch, the home button features a 6.6 carat white diamond.

GoldVish ‘Le Million’ Piece Unique - $1.3 Million Dollars

It is not every day that a mobile phone makes it into the Guinness Book of World Records but this one has.GoldVish ‘Le Million’ Piece UniqueIt was designed by Emmanuel Gueit for the Illusion Collection of the communications company based in Geneva. It is made of 18k white hold and trimmed with 20 carats of VVS1 diamonds – those being only microscopically flawed. For convenience, the phone features 2GB of storage, Bluetooth, MP3 playback, FM radio and a digital camera.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone - $1.3 Million Dollars

Another phone created by Peter Aloisson of the JSC Ancort, Moscow. It features a platinum body, the cover trimmed with 50 diamonds. Eight of these diamonds are the rare blue type. The navigation key and the Ancort logo are made with 18k rose gold.Diamond Crypto SmartphoneThe phone uses Windows CE and has a high resolution color TFT display. It has also been designed with a 256 bit cryptographic algorithm. For all of the luxury, it has some convenience as well. Available features include SMS, MMS, Internet and Email capability, JAVA support, WAP and a media player.

Author Bio: Paul is an internet marketing enthusiast and owns a firm Acne a to Z where you can find stuff about Acne Treatment.

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As a blogger, it is important to keep up with changes in social media trends and blogging in general. 5 Best Podcasts for BloggersThere are some great podcasts available online which can help you stay tuned with updates on content strategy.  My favorite social media podcasts vary in scope, but I like to listen to discussions which help me increase my presence online (with tools like Twitter and Facebook). I listen to five different ones on a regular basis. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can listen to podcasts from almost anywhere! I usually tune in on my way to work or on my morning jog. Start subscribing to even one or two of these, and you may be able to better understand the needs of your readers and how to attract more traffic to your blog. My favorite five podcasts are listed and described below.


This podcast, hosted by bestselling author Warren Whitlock, discusses the power of Twitter and how to use it for your entrepreneurial objectives. Warren Whitlock wrote the book, "The Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way we Do Business and Market Online." In his podcast he also discusses changes in social media, how to use Twitter at Live Events, and seeing real results from your networking attempts. You can find his latest episodes here.

Socially Speaking

Socially Speaking is a podcast hosted by Sumaya Kazi, who is the co-founder of CulturalConnect, an incredibly successful online media publishing company. In the podcast Socially Speaking, Sumaya interviews other successful media entrepreneurs who have been innovative and influential in the industry. Topics range from how and why businesses and non-profits should generally utilize social media to specific industries/companies and their social media use.

Social Media Strategies

This podcast and also video series is hosted by internet marketing consultant, Giovanni Galluci. He discusses using social media to enhance actual personal communication for brick and mortar companies. This could be useful for bloggers who have businesses on the side, or bloggers who use their blogs to promote their businesses.

Social Media and Web 2.0 Exposed Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Martin Canchola, a specialist in social media marketing and internet media (in particular). In addition to discussing social media, Martin discusses important topics such as redesigning your logo and webpage to attract greater traffic.

Connected World Radio

This series is hosted by David Turner, and it is perfect for those who are on the run wanting to get the latest information on social media sites. Topics on the podcast include: Twitter, Facebook, and increasing your influence overall through social media.

Author Bio : Alvina Lopez is a freelance writer and blog junkie, who blogs about accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: alvina.lopez @gmail.com.

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Panda Internet Security 2012 Gives Maximum Protection Against Internet Threats, and you can use the Internet with Complete Peace of mind. Panda Internet Security 2012 Protect your PC against viruses, online fraud, identity theft, unsolicited emails and cybercriminals.

This Version of Panda Internet Security is Much faster than its previous versions. Panda Internet Security Comes with Anti-Spam engine which will protect your inbox from junk or spam mails & its Parental Control feature which help your child to use Internet / Web Safely.

Panda Internet Security 2012 Features :Free Panda Internet Security 2012 3 Months License Key

  • Improved Protection against all types of viruses and threats
  • Virtual Keyboard to Write your password in a safe way.
  • Remote PC Access - Wherever you are, access your home or office computer.
  • Tech Support via email, Web or forums.
  • IMPROVED! Parental Control.
  • Panda Safe Browser (Sandboxing).
  • IMPROVED! Anti-Spam Protection.
  • 2GB Online Backup.
  • How to Get Panda Internet Security 2012 License for 3 Months.

    Panda Internet Security is running promotional offer for Microsoft Users where they are giving away Panda Internet Security 2012 Services for free for 3 Months.

    Go to This Microsoft Users Promotional Page, you can Download your free copy of Panda Internet Security 2012 Directly from that page.

    Just Install the antivirus and start using it for free, for 3 months & you don’t need any License key to activate your free copy.

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    If you wish to sponsor this or any future contest then Contact Me.

    Last Month i conducted Participate & Win Free Domain Name – Contest, so i thought i should again keep the same contest with .com domain name as the contest prize only.

    But in the Last contest i had kept only  1 .Com Domain as the prize but this time there are 2 .Com Domains So this automatically means there will be 2 Winners.Enter to WinThe Rules of this Contest are like the previous Contest only but i have added one Compulsory step this time.


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    6. Follow Us with Google Friend Connect (+1pt)

    Follow With Google Friend Connect

    Note : This time also you need only 1pt to participate in the contest (You can get it by just completing the Compulsory Step), but more points = more chances of winning. The Contest Ends on 12th July & Winners would be Chosen Via Random.org on 13th or 14th July.

    And Lets add Excitement in this contest, If i Get More than 50 Participants then i will Give 1 Additional .Com Domain i.e there will be three winners!!!

    Best of Luck!!!

    NOTE :  IN Last Contest Many Did not Commented with the Links!!! I hope in this Contest you Comment with the links so that i can cross check and validate your contest entry.

    We Got 21 Valid Entries & the Winner of This Contest is Willulike & Sharda.

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