Losing weight and keeping it off is not an easy task and most of us need help with this. What better way than to use your mobile phone as your fitness management partner? Here are the top 5 Android weight loss and fitness applications that you can use to optimize your health and fitness plans. Now you can succeed at whatever diet you choose, including top ones such as Bistro MD and Diet To Go.

1. Diet Tips Application For Android

Diet Tips Application For AndroidAs suggested by its name, this application has the perfect, ready at hand list of diet tips to help you stay motivated. These diet tips are just the thing to give you a boost when you feel discouraged with your progress. With this tool, you can view the latest tips on nutrition and fitness gleaned from top articles, without boring you with the entire article. The application does not consume much memory, is easy to use and a great way to know the latest in the nutrition industry.

Download : Diet Tips

2. CardioTrainer Application For Android

CardioTrainer Application For Android

You can use this fantastic tool to maintain a log of your fitness activities in a single platform. Speak into the application and record vocal notifications of your workout details, record and maintain your workout log. The application integrates with music that motivates you during your workout and has GPS tracking so that you can plot your jogging routine on a map.

Download : CardioTrainer

3. DroidFit Application For Android

DroidFit Application For Android

This Android application was designed and developed by serious fitness enthusiasts, which gives it a certain degree of authenticity. The application empowers you with graphic charts to keep track of your weight lifting routines along with your weight loss or bodybuilding progress. You also get a formula that is designed to calculate the number of repetitions you should do with each weight to achieve your goals. There’s also a great library of workout plans that you can you can program using weight training exercises.

Download : DroidFit

4. Hungry! Application For Android

Hungry! Application For Android

When you’re on a diet, trips to the supermarket can make it tough to stay disciplined. The Hungry! application ensures you stick to your shopping list by helping you manage your grocery lists. Don’t go to the supermarket without your Hungry! app’s ready grocery recommendations and make you stay away from the wrong foods. Your application will tell you how many negative calories there are in your regular choices, and what foods to avoid, ensuring a healthier you.

Download : Hungry!

5. Fast Food Calorie Counter Application For Android

Fast Food Calorie Counter Application For Android

We’ve all dieted and tried to stay in shape sometime or the other. The toughest thing that any dieter has to face is resisting the temptations of fast food. With the Fast Food Calorie Counter, go ahead and eat your fast food favorites, knowing exactly how many calories you’re consuming. Check with your application and ensure you don’t fall victim to a high calorie, fried, oil-drenched delicious snack. Your Fast Food Calorie Counter lists information on 9,000 from 72 fast food outlets, including calorie count, carbohydrates, protein values, fat grams and fiber in each snack.

Download : Fast Food Calorie Counter

About Author : Saksham is a 16 year old blogger who loves writing on technology and also likes to develop blogs. He currently blogs about special deals for diet plans, such as Medifast coupons and eDiets discounts. Specifically, his blog offers information on bistro md diet review and makes available promotion coupon for DietToGo, a meal delivery program

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  1. HCG Hormone Diet // September 21, 2011 at 8:51 AM  

    Just goes to show how great technology is! Who would have thought you could lose weight through a cellphone?

  2. Chicago fitness // December 10, 2011 at 6:16 PM  

    Those 5 applications are really very useful but you can not use all of them just pick one and stick with it.

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