All About Blogging That You should KnowBlogging is the most innovative way of spreading and sharing of information. Blog derived from “web-log” to “we blog” makes every individual a journalist. It’s like a vast book where you can share or write any idea which cross your mind. No wonder it is a part of life for most people. 

Today many forms of blogs are available as described below:

Personalized blogs: Blogs written by different persons describing their daily activities or any thought in any mind.

Organizational blogs: Mainly used for promoting of the business. Also helps in enhancing cultural environment and communication in a firm.

Genre specific blogs: Based on specific category. Travel blogs, political blogs, fashion blogs, art blogs etc. are some of the most famous types used.

Media specific blogs: blogs containing videos, pictures, links sketches etc. falls under this category.

As a beginner in the blog world it is important to understand the following basics essentials of blogging.

  • First of all try and keep the feed URL short so that it is easier for the reader to search for it.
  • Maintaining regular posts or at least a periodic cycle makes a reader more interested in a blog.Advantages-and-Disadvantages-of-ClickBank-Pirate-a
  • Make your blog attractive. Use pictures to describe the thought you want to share. A lively blog is what readers like.
  • Especially in a business blog, make it attractive by using plugins. Helps you to fetch customers.
  • As good it is to write a blog as important is to popularize it. Post the blog link on social networking sites.
  • Choose the niche topic so as reaching the big mass of people.
  • Grammar and Language is important for all bloggers but specially for business oriented blogs. Keep a good check on this point.
  • Finally, always follow the Blogger’s code of conduct to maintain civility.

Comments are always appreciated!!!

About Author : Bilal is a professional copywriter and reviews different products like profit siege, a money making product developed by paypal former employee Steven Rounds and auto content cash, an auto blogging software capable of generating monthly passive income.

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  1. sHeRrY // May 28, 2011 at 7:51 AM  

    So true! This will surely help the newbies out there

  2. KVM Drawer // October 21, 2011 at 11:57 AM  

    Finally people are telling others what a blog is. There are too many people that try to figure out blogging and do not even know what it truly is. Great post and I will for sure recommend this to my friends.
    Thanks for this post!

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