If there is something that you need to applaud Google Chrome for, you will land up finding more than one reasons. They, in a very short span of time found themselves becoming one of the fastest loading browsers, with a number of extensions and security features. This combines the power of Firefox, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer. Discussed here are some of the useful extensions for bloggers.

Chromed Bird

Chromed Bird Google Chrome extension

There are a number of twitter extensions available for Google Chrome, but Chromed Bird has established itself as one of the most powerful twitter extension with the following noteworthy features besides tweeting. You will find this feature useful for tweeting without the need to visit twitter.com and you can add or remove timeline tabs, create custom search queries automatically and accessible to preview images before uploading. Nevertheless, this is also fast and interactive.

Download: Chromed Bird

Twitter Bar

Twitter Bar Google Chrome Extension

This is a Google Chrome toolbar, which allows you to tweet directly from the current page’s title and there is an option for automatic title URL shortener, which is also editable as per your preferences and could be converted into a customizable ones using the options button that is available.

Download: Twitter Bar

SEO Status Page Rank/ Alexa Toolbar

SEO Status Page Rank Alexa Toolbar Google Chrome Extension

If you are a serious blogger, then it is very important that you monitor the SEO status of any blog or website. This will give you an idea of your position in the search engine ranking for specific and targeted keywords. What is good about this toolbar is that this is simple, lightweight and is capable of checking Google ranking at a very good faster pace. You will be given the ranking results of both Alexa and Google. Yet another advantage is that they use simple techniques for improvising on the Google ranking just like how IE toolbar does.

Download: SEO Status Page Rank/ Alexa Toolbar

Add This

Add This Google Chrome Extension

This is one of the most popular bookmarking and sharing website services that go around the globe. Using this extension, you can integrate or share an article with more than 200 other websites like Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, etc. This also permits you to share pages and articles instantaneously to your family and friends. They also have capacity for transliteration.

Download : Add This

Digg For Chrome

Digg Extension Google Chrome

This is an official extension of Google Chrome that makes digging easier, smoother and faster from the convenience of your browser. What all that you can do with this extension will include digging directly from the browser, view digg counts for any URL and Digg being one of the largest sources of information content, and then you can use this extension to find the information that is of interest to you.

Download: Digg For Chrome

Word Press Comment notifier

Wordpress Comment Notifier Extension Google Chrome

This extension is used and will help you in keeping track of your comments on WordPress blog and without opening your wordpress you will be able to approve, trash, reply to or mark the comment as a spam. This extension will also come in handy, when you are using multiple blogs.

Download: Word Press Comment notifier

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