So many bloggers today have personal relationships and networking as there topic and reason to blog. And they are understandably passionate about it. But the fact is that in order to maximize their profits from the site, they must learn to properly use SEO or they lose almost all potential profit from their traffic. Social networks are great and are eminently worthwhile, and personal relationships can be like money in the bank if handled properly.

The problem is that many bloggers are too concerned about their Twitter followers and number of comments and not concerned enough with the quality traffic that drives potential profit. While blogging is about being passionate on a subject, and about communication, I think many bloggers perceive SEO as impersonal and perhaps think it is detracting from their message. But it shouldn’t be like that and I’d like to give you 3 reasons why you should focus on search engines and how they can help your bottom line:

Passive SEO Traffic is Easy Money and Work Free

SEO Traffic Results Into Easy Money

The great appeal of SEO traffic is you don’t have to do anything yet the traffic keeps coming in. Even if you don’t post anything on your blog for a long time, it will likely continue to receive a large number of hits every day if it is properly search engine optimized. This means you have extra time to duplicate your efforts and are not bogged down on trying to keep your site traffic moving. Chances are, with the extra time you will enjoy your blogging experience more as well.

You Need the Targeted Traffic SEO Creates

SEO Targeted Traffic

The biggest problem with social traffic is that your followers are reading your blog because they like your writing and they like you. This is great for the ego, but your friends are likely not looking for the content you are writing at the time you are writing it. Probably 90% of your Twitter and Facebook followers will fall into that category, and there goes any chance you may have had for a sale. With SEO, you are right there with answers to their questions at the exact time they are looking for those answers (and ready to pay for answers as well). So your likelihood of making a sale to those customers is very great. So you must decide whether you are there to merely entertain, or to provide a service of answering their questions and profit from your work.

SEO Traffic Means Customers With Open Wallets

SEO Traffic Means Customers With Open Wallets

Since most visitors use search engines to get answers to their questions, if you have used the proper keywords they will come to your site with ready cash to pay for the answers they seek. Most entrepreneurs say when they pay affiliate commissions, it is not from social traffic, but instead usually comes from appropriate keywords, placed strategically to allow targeted search traffic.

Don’t think I’m trying to say we all should become emotionless bloggers who only care about getting traffic from search engines at the expense of our readership. What I am trying to do is encourage you to find balance. As bloggers we can keep our content pure for our readers and also emphasize SEO to maximize our profits.

Martha is a part time blogger who likes to update people about the latest coupons and discounts. She regularly contributes at her coupons blog where she shares Omnis Network coupons and Hostpapa discounts.

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