Blogger Templates have a navbar on the top. This navbar looks very unprofessional but you can always remove this navbar by tweaking the HTML codes, this thing people don’t know i.e How to Remove the Blogger Navbar…[How to] Remove the Blogger NavbarBelow is the bit by bit method how to do it.

Sign in to Blogger

Sign in to your blogger account and go to Design

Edit the HTML Code

Add the below html code just beneath “/* Variables” as specified in the below picture :

#navbar-iframe {

How to Remove the Blogger navbar

Save the Changes

Save the changes and refresh your blog, you will see that the navbar is removed. If you want the navbar to be shown again you can always undo the changes you just made.

That’s It!!!

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All About Blogging That You should KnowBlogging is the most innovative way of spreading and sharing of information. Blog derived from “web-log” to “we blog” makes every individual a journalist. It’s like a vast book where you can share or write any idea which cross your mind. No wonder it is a part of life for most people. 

Today many forms of blogs are available as described below:

Personalized blogs: Blogs written by different persons describing their daily activities or any thought in any mind.

Organizational blogs: Mainly used for promoting of the business. Also helps in enhancing cultural environment and communication in a firm.

Genre specific blogs: Based on specific category. Travel blogs, political blogs, fashion blogs, art blogs etc. are some of the most famous types used.

Media specific blogs: blogs containing videos, pictures, links sketches etc. falls under this category.

As a beginner in the blog world it is important to understand the following basics essentials of blogging.

  • First of all try and keep the feed URL short so that it is easier for the reader to search for it.
  • Maintaining regular posts or at least a periodic cycle makes a reader more interested in a blog.Advantages-and-Disadvantages-of-ClickBank-Pirate-a
  • Make your blog attractive. Use pictures to describe the thought you want to share. A lively blog is what readers like.
  • Especially in a business blog, make it attractive by using plugins. Helps you to fetch customers.
  • As good it is to write a blog as important is to popularize it. Post the blog link on social networking sites.
  • Choose the niche topic so as reaching the big mass of people.
  • Grammar and Language is important for all bloggers but specially for business oriented blogs. Keep a good check on this point.
  • Finally, always follow the Blogger’s code of conduct to maintain civility.

Comments are always appreciated!!!

About Author : Bilal is a professional copywriter and reviews different products like profit siege, a money making product developed by paypal former employee Steven Rounds and auto content cash, an auto blogging software capable of generating monthly passive income.

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BitDefender is the creator of award winning, internationally certified Internet Security and Antivirus software which protects your computer from viruses, hackers, spam and identity theft when connected to internet.

BitDefender Internet Security 2011 Features :

  • Stops Viruses and Spyware Cold
  • Proactively Blocks New Threats
  • Optimized for Maximum PC Performance
  • Safeguards Your Identity Online

How To Get Free 90 days subscription of Bit Defender Internet Security 2011

1. GO to Bit Defender Facebook Fan Page & Click on Like Button.

2. After this You will be Able to Download the Trial Version of Bit Defender Internet Security 2011 from that page itself.

OR You Can Directly Download the Bit Defender Internet Security 2011 Trial Version & to Do So Click on Below Image and the download should start in few Seconds.


Now How To Install Bit Defender Internet Security 2011

1. After downloading BitDefender Internet Security 2011 Locate the file bitdefender_isecurity.exe on your computer and run it to install.

2. Now Follow the instructions on your Computer screen to complete installation.

Don’t miss this amazing offer & Grab your free trial version Copy of Bit Defender…

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Its becoming a Major issue for all the bloggers to protect their content from Content thefts who easily copy & paste the content on there blog without giving any credit.

One of the Way via which these content theft actually copy the content is Directly Right clicking and Copying the content, So a Simple right click is enough for them.

Disable Right Clicking Blogger Widget

So One of the way to stop this content thefts from copying our Content is to prevent right clicking on the blog.

On Blogger Blog Disabling Right Click has Become very simple, i.e you just need to follow the following steps to do that…

How to Disable Right Click On Blogger (Blogspot)

1. Go to & Sign in to your Account.

2. Now Navigate to Design –> Page Elements (On the Blog where you want to Disable Right Click)

3. Over There Click On Add a Gadget & In the Pop-up Select “Html/JavaScript” and cop & paste the following code in it & finally Save the Gadget.

<script language=javascript>

//Code generated by Sarvesh

//Code starts here

    var message = "Right Click Disabled";
    function rtclickcheck(keyp){ if (navigator.appName == "Netscape" && keyp.which == 3){     alert(message); return false; }
    if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE") != -1 && event.button == 2) {     alert(message);     return false; } }
    document.onmousedown = rtclickcheck;
</script><script language="JavaScript">
//Code generated by Sarvesh

//Code starts here
var message="Right Click Disabled";
function clickIE4(){
if (event.button==2){
return false;
function clickNS4(e){
if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all)
if (e.which==2||e.which==3||e.which==4||e.which==5){
return false;
if (document.layers){
else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){
document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false")
// code ends here—>

<script language="JavaScript">

var message="Right Click Disabled";
function clickIE4(){
if (event.button==2){
return false;
function clickNS4(e){
if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all)
if (e.which==2||e.which==3||e.which==4||e.which==5){
return false;
if (document.layers){
else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){
document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false")
// code ends here—>

You will Get Following Pop-Up if you try Right Clicking after saving the above Blogger Widget in your Blogger(Blogspot) Blog Dashboard.

Disable Right Click Blogger Widget

Instead of “Right Click Disabled” text message you can Display any other message.

Comments are always appreciated!!!

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If there is something that you need to applaud Google Chrome for, you will land up finding more than one reasons. They, in a very short span of time found themselves becoming one of the fastest loading browsers, with a number of extensions and security features. This combines the power of Firefox, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer. Discussed here are some of the useful extensions for bloggers.

Chromed Bird

Chromed Bird Google Chrome extension

There are a number of twitter extensions available for Google Chrome, but Chromed Bird has established itself as one of the most powerful twitter extension with the following noteworthy features besides tweeting. You will find this feature useful for tweeting without the need to visit and you can add or remove timeline tabs, create custom search queries automatically and accessible to preview images before uploading. Nevertheless, this is also fast and interactive.

Download: Chromed Bird

Twitter Bar

Twitter Bar Google Chrome Extension

This is a Google Chrome toolbar, which allows you to tweet directly from the current page’s title and there is an option for automatic title URL shortener, which is also editable as per your preferences and could be converted into a customizable ones using the options button that is available.

Download: Twitter Bar

SEO Status Page Rank/ Alexa Toolbar

SEO Status Page Rank Alexa Toolbar Google Chrome Extension

If you are a serious blogger, then it is very important that you monitor the SEO status of any blog or website. This will give you an idea of your position in the search engine ranking for specific and targeted keywords. What is good about this toolbar is that this is simple, lightweight and is capable of checking Google ranking at a very good faster pace. You will be given the ranking results of both Alexa and Google. Yet another advantage is that they use simple techniques for improvising on the Google ranking just like how IE toolbar does.

Download: SEO Status Page Rank/ Alexa Toolbar

Add This

Add This Google Chrome Extension

This is one of the most popular bookmarking and sharing website services that go around the globe. Using this extension, you can integrate or share an article with more than 200 other websites like Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, etc. This also permits you to share pages and articles instantaneously to your family and friends. They also have capacity for transliteration.

Download : Add This

Digg For Chrome

Digg Extension Google Chrome

This is an official extension of Google Chrome that makes digging easier, smoother and faster from the convenience of your browser. What all that you can do with this extension will include digging directly from the browser, view digg counts for any URL and Digg being one of the largest sources of information content, and then you can use this extension to find the information that is of interest to you.

Download: Digg For Chrome

Word Press Comment notifier

Wordpress Comment Notifier Extension Google Chrome

This extension is used and will help you in keeping track of your comments on WordPress blog and without opening your wordpress you will be able to approve, trash, reply to or mark the comment as a spam. This extension will also come in handy, when you are using multiple blogs.

Download: Word Press Comment notifier

Comments are always appreciated!!!

About Author : Praveen is associated with a webhosting company which has a very good website hosting reviews. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

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Now you can Connect with your AIM Friends on Gmail, iGoogle, Orkut, and Google Talk. So now it is not required to have an AIM account to connect to your friends using AIM.

Connect Directly To AIM Buddies In Gmail Gtalk Chat

Instead Now you just need your AIM friends Email address (i.e their AOL Screennames). Add them just like you add your other Gmail Contacts to your Chat list & when they accept your chat request you would be able to see them in your Chat List. Simple!

Now AIM Users are also able to add Google Contacts to their AIM Chat Clients same way as it can be done in Google Talk.

This one is an Pretty Good Improvement by the Gmail team. What's your take on this?

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Losing weight and keeping it off is not an easy task and most of us need help with this. What better way than to use your mobile phone as your fitness management partner? Here are the top 5 Android weight loss and fitness applications that you can use to optimize your health and fitness plans. Now you can succeed at whatever diet you choose, including top ones such as Bistro MD and Diet To Go.

1. Diet Tips Application For Android

Diet Tips Application For AndroidAs suggested by its name, this application has the perfect, ready at hand list of diet tips to help you stay motivated. These diet tips are just the thing to give you a boost when you feel discouraged with your progress. With this tool, you can view the latest tips on nutrition and fitness gleaned from top articles, without boring you with the entire article. The application does not consume much memory, is easy to use and a great way to know the latest in the nutrition industry.

Download : Diet Tips

2. CardioTrainer Application For Android

CardioTrainer Application For Android

You can use this fantastic tool to maintain a log of your fitness activities in a single platform. Speak into the application and record vocal notifications of your workout details, record and maintain your workout log. The application integrates with music that motivates you during your workout and has GPS tracking so that you can plot your jogging routine on a map.

Download : CardioTrainer

3. DroidFit Application For Android

DroidFit Application For Android

This Android application was designed and developed by serious fitness enthusiasts, which gives it a certain degree of authenticity. The application empowers you with graphic charts to keep track of your weight lifting routines along with your weight loss or bodybuilding progress. You also get a formula that is designed to calculate the number of repetitions you should do with each weight to achieve your goals. There’s also a great library of workout plans that you can you can program using weight training exercises.

Download : DroidFit

4. Hungry! Application For Android

Hungry! Application For Android

When you’re on a diet, trips to the supermarket can make it tough to stay disciplined. The Hungry! application ensures you stick to your shopping list by helping you manage your grocery lists. Don’t go to the supermarket without your Hungry! app’s ready grocery recommendations and make you stay away from the wrong foods. Your application will tell you how many negative calories there are in your regular choices, and what foods to avoid, ensuring a healthier you.

Download : Hungry!

5. Fast Food Calorie Counter Application For Android

Fast Food Calorie Counter Application For Android

We’ve all dieted and tried to stay in shape sometime or the other. The toughest thing that any dieter has to face is resisting the temptations of fast food. With the Fast Food Calorie Counter, go ahead and eat your fast food favorites, knowing exactly how many calories you’re consuming. Check with your application and ensure you don’t fall victim to a high calorie, fried, oil-drenched delicious snack. Your Fast Food Calorie Counter lists information on 9,000 from 72 fast food outlets, including calorie count, carbohydrates, protein values, fat grams and fiber in each snack.

Download : Fast Food Calorie Counter

About Author : Saksham is a 16 year old blogger who loves writing on technology and also likes to develop blogs. He currently blogs about special deals for diet plans, such as Medifast coupons and eDiets discounts. Specifically, his blog offers information on bistro md diet review and makes available promotion coupon for DietToGo, a meal delivery program

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Last Month Godaddy Came up with Promo Code : ACES1 which is not working any more, if you were not able to make use of this amazing offer no issue since the Crazy offer from Godaddy is back again.

Under this offer you can Register any available .COM, .US, .MOBI, .BIZ, .NET, .ORG, .CA, .CO.UK and .IN domain.

Customers may not use gift cards, PayPal® or AliPay to redeem this offer & you need to pay via Credit Card only to redeem this offer.

Just go and apply Promo/coupon code in your shopping cart and enjoy.

Promo Code : INDY129

GoDaddy $1 Coupon Code Promo Code May Or June INDY129

You can Register the Domain for just $1.29 (Plus ICANN fee of 18 cents)

This offer may not be used for renewals, transfers, bulk registrations, premium domains or Sunrise/Landrush domain registrations.

Note : Limited to one order per customer, expiring after 20,000 redemptions or at 11:59 PM on June 16, 2011 (whichever comes first).

Go ahead and register a domain name before this Coupon Code expires & do let me know if you face any problem while using this promo code.

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Comodo Internet Security is one of the oldest & most trusted security solution provider. It helps in protecting your Computer against viruses and malware.

Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 Protection Features

  • Comodo Antivirus Cleans Malware Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 Free License Serial Key 1 year
  • Comodo Firewall Protection
  • Defense+ Host Intrusion Protection
  • Auto Sandbox Technology
  • Minimal Interruptions
  • Remote Security & System Support
  • $500 Virus-Free Guarantee
  • Unlimited GeekBuddy Support
  • $15,000 Identity Protection Coverage
  • Compatibility

Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 Would Cost you $49.99/year, but now 1 year Licensed version of Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 is available for free.

How to Get 1 Year License key of Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011?

Size of this Antivirus Software Package is Around 60MB, you don’t need any special license or Serial Key since this 1 year installer comes with already loaded License Key.

Don’t miss this amazing offer, Grab your free Copy and Save $49.99…

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So many bloggers today have personal relationships and networking as there topic and reason to blog. And they are understandably passionate about it. But the fact is that in order to maximize their profits from the site, they must learn to properly use SEO or they lose almost all potential profit from their traffic. Social networks are great and are eminently worthwhile, and personal relationships can be like money in the bank if handled properly.

The problem is that many bloggers are too concerned about their Twitter followers and number of comments and not concerned enough with the quality traffic that drives potential profit. While blogging is about being passionate on a subject, and about communication, I think many bloggers perceive SEO as impersonal and perhaps think it is detracting from their message. But it shouldn’t be like that and I’d like to give you 3 reasons why you should focus on search engines and how they can help your bottom line:

Passive SEO Traffic is Easy Money and Work Free

SEO Traffic Results Into Easy Money

The great appeal of SEO traffic is you don’t have to do anything yet the traffic keeps coming in. Even if you don’t post anything on your blog for a long time, it will likely continue to receive a large number of hits every day if it is properly search engine optimized. This means you have extra time to duplicate your efforts and are not bogged down on trying to keep your site traffic moving. Chances are, with the extra time you will enjoy your blogging experience more as well.

You Need the Targeted Traffic SEO Creates

SEO Targeted Traffic

The biggest problem with social traffic is that your followers are reading your blog because they like your writing and they like you. This is great for the ego, but your friends are likely not looking for the content you are writing at the time you are writing it. Probably 90% of your Twitter and Facebook followers will fall into that category, and there goes any chance you may have had for a sale. With SEO, you are right there with answers to their questions at the exact time they are looking for those answers (and ready to pay for answers as well). So your likelihood of making a sale to those customers is very great. So you must decide whether you are there to merely entertain, or to provide a service of answering their questions and profit from your work.

SEO Traffic Means Customers With Open Wallets

SEO Traffic Means Customers With Open Wallets

Since most visitors use search engines to get answers to their questions, if you have used the proper keywords they will come to your site with ready cash to pay for the answers they seek. Most entrepreneurs say when they pay affiliate commissions, it is not from social traffic, but instead usually comes from appropriate keywords, placed strategically to allow targeted search traffic.

Don’t think I’m trying to say we all should become emotionless bloggers who only care about getting traffic from search engines at the expense of our readership. What I am trying to do is encourage you to find balance. As bloggers we can keep our content pure for our readers and also emphasize SEO to maximize our profits.

Martha is a part time blogger who likes to update people about the latest coupons and discounts. She regularly contributes at her coupons blog where she shares Omnis Network coupons and Hostpapa discounts.

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From past 2 months i was seriously thinking of starting a contest, but i had no idea about what kind of contest i should start and another problem was money. Today i thought why don’t i start with a small contest that is by giving away .com Domain to the winner. Get Free Domain Name

Win Free Domain Name






So i am converting my thoughts to reality with this simple contest where in the winner will be rewarded with a domain of his/her choice.

Now the important Part of the Contest : Rules

  1. Like or Share this post on Facebook (+1pt)
  2. Retweet this Post (+1pt)
  3. Subsribe to this blog feed via email (+1pt)
  4. Write about this contest on your Blog (+3pt)
  5. Follow Us with Google Friend Connect (+1pt)

Follow With Google Friend Connect

Note : You need only 1pt to participate in the contest, but more points = more chances of winning. Winners would be Chosen Via on 1st/2nd June

I am Giving Only 1 Domain name to the winner, but if any one is willing to sponsor this contest then the no. of domain name would increase. If you wish to sponsor then Contact Me.

If i get More than 50 Participants then i would Give 2 .info domain name to the winners

So in all Total 3 Winners would be chosen if I get More than 50 Participants.

Best of Luck!!!

NOTE : You need to Comment Below and tell me which steps did you do with the links so that i can cross check & validate your entry.


We Got 22 Participants In all, as i had mentioned i would give 2 .info Domain name also if i get 50 participant but this did not happened so only 1 winner gets the Prize and that is a .Com domain name…

Blog is Blogging Domain Contest Winner

I used to Select the Winner and In the Above image you can Clearly See that the Winner is Dhruv Patel.

Today i also Announced My next contest Where 2 participants can Win .Com Domain Name.

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If you have built a website for personal use and for personal business then it is necessary that you should be aware of all the elements, which have to be taken care of to make it available for people. You should prepare a user-friendly website, which is simple and clearly states the purpose for which the website is created.


Although the created website can be related to ecommerce, blogging, forums or for general information on your business. First, you have to think of the SEO of the website and you will have to integrate all the essential elements in website. The foremost thing, which you have to think after you have created your website, is to choose a better webhosting company, which will allow everyone a chance to view your website content.

Choosing Webhosting provider

This As there are many webhosting, providers and their advertisement can be sometimes tricky and hard to understand you will have to do extensive research about the company or individual you are choosing for your web hosting which will give new dimensions to your web presence. Whatever your site may be but if you are intended to make money with your site then you should get the good webhosting company which will keep your expenses down and will provide maximum services and features a for you.

Maintaining your website


Make sure that the webhosting company is partially responsible for maintaining your website and they have to do their part with optimum efficiency. Suppose, if you are venturing in to something important, where visitors to your website mean everything to you. Then you will have to see that these host providers do not hamper your website performance. As first impression of your website to potential visitor is everything for you.

Better to prepare your checklist

When you are searching for a best website host provider then make sure you right done the points for what kind of services you want along with the hosting. There are some companies, which are providing hosting services on trial basis for limited period; you can take advantage of these features in order to know the efficiency of that company. You can also take a month long membership for hosting services and if you like their services you can take annual subscription and register their services with all your needs.

It is very essential to choose better website hosting services because they are the ones who are going to keep up with your virtual identity and your presence on Internet.

About Authour : Sd is a student and blogging is one of his favorite hobbies. He blogs for sites offering best web hosting and reseller hosting.

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