These days it seems every time someone offers free hosting to turn for your enjoyment. The problem lies in choosing the best company to go with. Each different offer to choose the right can sometimes be difficult. We have a quantity of information to aid you tidy from end to end all the offers and prefer the ideal one. 

Free Web hosting

Most of these customers have limited space and bandwidth. That is why you need to find one that offers a lot. Many people do not know how fast the disk space and bandwidth can be filled. So Get as many company as possible on your list. This means that if you have a problem that would take some time you have another free web hosting company on your list to choose in that crucial time.


of Free Webhosting

  • It is not reliable, means that your data may be deleted at any time due to server problems
  • You will be forced to put huge banner ads which is really cripple your sites
  • Security features and control are highly lacking. A webmaster desires as much control over the website as its possible, and free web hosting plans are badly prepared to provide.
  • Get a good support is something we all love. The main problem with this company’s is that most of them have very limited support  facility.
  • Low bandwidth. Though low disk space may not be the problem for all website owners, a page web that takes three tries and ninety seconds to load it’s not going to attract many visitors.

Free Web Hosting is everywhere these days, but most have many limitations. Therefore, must be considered in a decision. Remember that these free services are cheap and usually means that you do not come on payment options.

Guest Post : Sd is a part time blogger and loves to write on webhosting and tech niches. He blogs for a site selling best cheap hosting services and dedicated server hosting.

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  1. musicbid@ Nepali Guitar Chords // May 26, 2011 at 7:34 PM  

    I agree that these free webhosts have disadvantages but it free which is its most important advantage.

  2. Anis // September 17, 2011 at 2:00 PM  

    How much time a post takes in google indexing ? my blog post are not indexing, is it just because its free blogger hosting??? plz reply.

  3. host1free // October 10, 2011 at 8:51 PM  

    I agree with your views, But the most important advantage for free web hosts that, it is free. Which attract to new web masters.

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