As a webmaster, your role never ends after finding a reliable hosting service provider and hosting your website. In fact your role starts after you host your website as there are many things to do and many things to be taken care of as a owner of website. You should posses little bit of knowledge of every web hosting element as it will come handy when you are doing routine maintenance of your website.

Top Free online SEO Tools for Webmasters

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the main elements of maintaining your website in up to date condition that allows you to increase your search engine ranking and to increase the traffic to your website. You need not have to be an SEO expert to use these tools as you always have an option to outsource the SEO phase of your website, but with the use of these tools, you can get access to some of the main features where you can evaluate the performance of your website.

Here is a list of common SEO tools that are used by many webmasters to understand the flow of traffic to their website and to look for the potholes in them that can be fixed.

Google Analytics: This is a free tool provided by Google to track your website activities on certain criteria’s like page views, page hits, pages viewed per visit, bounce rate and average time spent on your website. This tool will help you understand search traffic, keyword and content performance.

Alexa: This is used to measure the popularity of websites utilizing the toolbars that are installed on the browsers of internet users although; it assures accuracy for the first 100,000 sites only.

Best Free online SEO Tools for Webmasters

KeyComplete: Used to determine competitor’s keywords using the PPC campaign that is an online tool with lots of features.

SEOmoz: Helps in retrieving information from your competitors and receive reports from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Alexa. One of the prime roles of this tool is detection of errors in your site, tracking the traffic and research related to keywords.

Widexl: This is a detection tool used to understand link popularity helping in determining pages linked to your website. With Meta tag analyzer tool you can analyze Meta tags, keyword density, page load time and other distinctive SEO related features.

SEO Logs: With On-page SEO, tools like SEO optimizer and Keyword difficulty check and with Google tools to detect fake page rank and produces PR value results. Some of the other tools include back link analyzer tool, HTTP headers and status check tool. Domain age check, comparison of Alexa rank and AdSense profit calculator.

Link Diagnosis: This is one of the favorite link analysis tools allowing you to examine link competition by providing main details about the competitor’s links. Results will display anchor text, Page ranks and others but is limited to Firefox only.

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  1. John Mathews // May 3, 2011 at 3:16 PM  

    You can check the PageRank of upto 1000 URLs with the Google PR checker. The PR checker tool evaluates how Google ranks a website by its relevance and importance for certain keywords.

  2. White Label SEO // July 29, 2011 at 3:12 PM  

    These tools are commonly used by SEOs to track their progress or their competition. One of these tools, Widexl, with KW density devalued, is now sparingly used.

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