As a webmaster, your role never ends after finding a reliable hosting service provider and hosting your website. In fact your role starts after you host your website as there are many things to do and many things to be taken care of as a owner of website. You should posses little bit of knowledge of every web hosting element as it will come handy when you are doing routine maintenance of your website.

Top Free online SEO Tools for Webmasters

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the main elements of maintaining your website in up to date condition that allows you to increase your search engine ranking and to increase the traffic to your website. You need not have to be an SEO expert to use these tools as you always have an option to outsource the SEO phase of your website, but with the use of these tools, you can get access to some of the main features where you can evaluate the performance of your website.

Here is a list of common SEO tools that are used by many webmasters to understand the flow of traffic to their website and to look for the potholes in them that can be fixed.

Google Analytics: This is a free tool provided by Google to track your website activities on certain criteria’s like page views, page hits, pages viewed per visit, bounce rate and average time spent on your website. This tool will help you understand search traffic, keyword and content performance.

Alexa: This is used to measure the popularity of websites utilizing the toolbars that are installed on the browsers of internet users although; it assures accuracy for the first 100,000 sites only.

Best Free online SEO Tools for Webmasters

KeyComplete: Used to determine competitor’s keywords using the PPC campaign that is an online tool with lots of features.

SEOmoz: Helps in retrieving information from your competitors and receive reports from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Alexa. One of the prime roles of this tool is detection of errors in your site, tracking the traffic and research related to keywords.

Widexl: This is a detection tool used to understand link popularity helping in determining pages linked to your website. With Meta tag analyzer tool you can analyze Meta tags, keyword density, page load time and other distinctive SEO related features.

SEO Logs: With On-page SEO, tools like SEO optimizer and Keyword difficulty check and with Google tools to detect fake page rank and produces PR value results. Some of the other tools include back link analyzer tool, HTTP headers and status check tool. Domain age check, comparison of Alexa rank and AdSense profit calculator.

Link Diagnosis: This is one of the favorite link analysis tools allowing you to examine link competition by providing main details about the competitor’s links. Results will display anchor text, Page ranks and others but is limited to Firefox only.

About Author : Bilal Ahmad  writes about seo, blogging and social media and review wordpress plugins like popup domination to help bloggers in increasing mailing list. He has also reviewed keyword winner plugin which helps in getting top SERP on search engines. Follow him on @techmaish.

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These days it seems every time someone offers free hosting to turn for your enjoyment. The problem lies in choosing the best company to go with. Each different offer to choose the right can sometimes be difficult. We have a quantity of information to aid you tidy from end to end all the offers and prefer the ideal one. 

Free Web hosting

Most of these customers have limited space and bandwidth. That is why you need to find one that offers a lot. Many people do not know how fast the disk space and bandwidth can be filled. So Get as many company as possible on your list. This means that if you have a problem that would take some time you have another free web hosting company on your list to choose in that crucial time.


of Free Webhosting

  • It is not reliable, means that your data may be deleted at any time due to server problems
  • You will be forced to put huge banner ads which is really cripple your sites
  • Security features and control are highly lacking. A webmaster desires as much control over the website as its possible, and free web hosting plans are badly prepared to provide.
  • Get a good support is something we all love. The main problem with this company’s is that most of them have very limited support  facility.
  • Low bandwidth. Though low disk space may not be the problem for all website owners, a page web that takes three tries and ninety seconds to load it’s not going to attract many visitors.

Free Web Hosting is everywhere these days, but most have many limitations. Therefore, must be considered in a decision. Remember that these free services are cheap and usually means that you do not come on payment options.

Guest Post : Sd is a part time blogger and loves to write on webhosting and tech niches. He blogs for a site selling best cheap hosting services and dedicated server hosting.

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Last Month Godaddy Came up with a Promo Code “GETLUCKY” wherein users were able to register the domain name for just $1.18.

Godaddy again came up with a New Coupon code for the month of April 2011. Last time the coupon code was working for new Accounts only but this time it work with old accounts too Happy

Under this promotion you need to pay for domain via Credit Card only. One more thing that under this promotion offer you can register NEW  or TRANSFER .COM, .US, .MOBI, .BIZ, .NET, .ORG, .CA, .CO.UK and .IN domains.

Promo Code : ACES1

Godaddy $1 Promo Coupon Code April 2011 ACES1

You can Register Domain Name for just $1(+$0.18 would be applicable as ICANN fee) under this promotion offer.

Note : Limited to one order per customer, expiring after 10,000 redemptions or at 11:59 PM on May 23, 2011 (whichever comes first).

Don’t wait Go ahead and register a domain name before this Coupon Code expires and let me know if you face any problem in using this promo code.

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Blogger recently added a New GadgetFollow By Email” on your Add a New Gadget Page. This Widget is Nothing But an Email Subscription Box which is simple and easy to add.
Blogger this day is coming up with new and useful changes for Blogspot (Blogger) Blogs.
So How to Add Follow By Email Widget or Plugin or Gadget in your Blogger Blog, Don’t worry just follow the below mentioned steps :
1. Login to your Blogger Blog and then Go to Design, then Go to Page Elements and Click on “Add a Gadget
Follow By Email Blogger Gadget {Click to Enlarge}
2. In the Pop Up Window, Click on Follow By Email and you will be taken to “Configure Follow By Email” Page.
3. If you want you can Change the Title of the Feed or else Just Go Ahead and Click the Save Button. That’s it!
Configure Follow By Email Blogger Gadget
Email Subscription Gadget will look like the below mentioned picture after you save it.Follow By Email Widget
So what are your opinion about this new Gadget by Blogger? Comment Below to share your views…

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A large percentage of online marketers fail because they enter markets that are not viable, the products they choose are often in niches that are highly competitive and in some cases the niche itself has no commercial value. With millions of affiliate products available to basically anyone, the task of finding the right product can become a challenge.

The last thing you will want to do is choose a product, build a site around that product, promote your site and then find out that the demand for the product is low. This will be a complete waste of time and money, and it could even demotivate you to the point of quitting the internet marketing game. Thankfully, there are various methods that you can utilize to analyze the market and find products that adequately satisfy the needs of your chosen market.

Online Forums

Online forums are one invaluable source that provides you with a hub of information that will assist you in finding lucrative gaps in niches. In this article I will outline exactly how you should use online forums to conduct your product research.

Many internet users utilize search engines to find solutions to their problems, and if you offer the most appropriate solution to a problem then you are in a position to make money from your offering. In most cases the solutions already exist in the millions of affiliate products online, but finding the problem itself is where thousands of online marketers fail.

This is where online forums come into the fold and allow us the opportunity to find specific problems that people are dealing with. A forum itself is a community of individuals who have a common interest or share a common problem. For example: a Psoriasis forum will attract individuals who suffer from Psoriasis, and within the forum these individuals will support each other and discuss their problems openly. People in general are not afraid of sharing their problems on an online forum because of the anonymity that the cyber world provides.

To find relevant forums and discussions in your niche you can utilize a service like Omgili. Omgili is a dedicated search engine that crawls all the forum discussions that occur online. This platform allows us to search for relevant forum discussions and it even provides data on the number of replies each thread has received. You will simply need to key in your niche keyword, and you will be given a string of relevant discussions. Browse through the threads that are directly related to your niche and you will inevitably uncover posts where people reveal there heart and their problems.

This research technique will reveal multiple problems that people are facing in your niche. If Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is your primary promotional technique you will need to further research the problems you uncovered and the keywords that are associated with these problems. Thereafter all you have to do is find or create a product that adequately solves these problems and promote it.

The process of browsing online forums and noting the problems people face will requires less than an hour of your time, and if your research is done correctly that hour invested will supply you with invaluable data that can help you rake in a respectable income.

Saksham Talwar is a part time blogger and an entrepreneur who loves to write =. He contributes regularly at his coupons blog where he shares Network Solutions coupon and 123inkjets coupons.

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ICC World Cup 2011 Final match is going to be played between India Vs. Sri Lanka on 2nd April, at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

ICC World CUP 2011 Watch Online LiveIn the Final Match of this World Cup and i hope India Wins. In this Post i am going to Share websites where you can Watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Final Match between India Vs. Sri Lanka Live online, With High Quality Streaming. No Need to Worry about your Slow Internet Connection Since you can still watch Live Match Online without any interruption.

Below is the List of Websites where you can Watch Live Match online :

    1. Cricfire
    2. Crick3t
    3. Crictime
    4. ESPN Star Sports
    5. Extracover
    6. Hitcric
    7. Webcric

My personal favorite from above list is Crictime…I hope India win this world cup and you all enjoy watching this final match!!!

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Blogger has Just Launched Five perspective Views for its public blogs. This five Dynamic views are only accessible if allowed by the author of that blog. These new perspectives use the latest in web technology which includes AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3.

Check out the Five Dynamic Views of Blog is Blogging dot Com

Flip Card

Flipcard View


Mosaic View


Sidebar View


Snapshot View


Timeslide View

How to View Your Blog in these Dynamic Views?

Just Replace this [blogURL] with your blog URL to view your blog in the below mentioned Dynamic View…

    • Flipcard: [blogURL]/view/flipcard
    • Mosaic: [blogURL]/view/mosaic
    • Sidebar: [blogURL]/view/sidebar
    • Snapshot: [blogURL]/view/snapshot
    • Timeslide: [blogURL]/view/timeslide

Do check out this dynamic video Winking about Blogger Dynamic Views…

So Go Ahead and Try out Blogger Dynamic views : & Don’t forget to share your opinions by commenting below about these all new addition in blogger…

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