If you are a blogger and have a good following, you need to work on the presentation of your blog. You will have to make sure that the template you are using in attractive and the color combination is simple. Sometimes in terms to look our blog more attractive we chose a background and text color, which are, contrast enough.

This kind of combination can make it difficult to read the blogs. You have to be precise about the placements and items to add in your blog page, to do this you do not have to be good in HTML as there are blogging templates provided by blog hosts from which you can choose a theme and template, which suits your needs. You can also make few changes in the template and delete or add extra items as per your need and choice; HTML code is automatically generated in this event.Choose Best Template For Blogging

Blogging tips to choose best BlogSpot template

Choose according to content in the Blog:

It is necessary to understand the content in your blog, if you are blogging for images (Photo blogging), Video blogging, Audio blogging, Text blogging or Blogging for ecommerce. Depending on the content, there are various preset templates available in BlogSpot.

Template should be SEO friendly

Make sure that whichever template you choose should be SEO friendly and will provide scope for editing and back linking. This is good for search engine ranks and loading of such templates is fast.

Look for the Preview facility

Any template you choose should have a preview facility, which will make it sure, that you will be able to see the post of your blog before you actually submit your post and you will understand the changes you have to make accordingly.

Eliminate interference of Widgets

Always go for the template with two sidebars whether you are using 3-column or 4-column template. This will make sure that any hosting issue from the widgets installed in sidebars will not interfere with the loading process.

Select colors and images wisely

Make sure that you use appropriate colors for background, White is ultimately the best color, but you can try faint colors with contrast text color, which should be soothing to eyes and should not be more vibrant. If you want to make use of images make, sure that loading process of images will hamper the loading of your blogs. Use the images in png format to eliminate this error.

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