A blog is a great way to skyrocket your profits as you get to save thousands of dollars that you could have otherwise channeled towards marketing and promotion, a blog will boost your profits significantly because not only are they easy and effortless to use, they are very flexible when it comes to spreading out information, they are customizable to complement any business, and above all else, they are free. Statistics show that a business that has a blog has a definite advantage over one that doesn’t have.


Advantages of blogs

- According to some word of mouth statistics, there are currently over 15 million blogs making their rounds on the WWW, with over 85,000 being added on a daily basis. Further, there are over 70 million internet users who read blogs. The benefit of a blog therefore is certain. Just think the effect you will have if you promoted one of your products on a blog and in a matter of days the blog makes its round among thousands of potential clients

- Bloggers are known to be very friendly and helpful individuals and you too can join in the culture and start to comment on other people’s blog posts.

- The best way to know how your products are viewed by people out there is through a blog, since your users can be able to write their feedback and reviews and at the same time exchange ideas on how you can improve your service or product for the betterment of your readers and of course to your advantage as you will start to rake up profits

- A blog facilitates an open and easy communication platform between you and you clients thus creating some loyalty and sense of confidence

How to start blogging for riches


- Look at the blog design and find the most customizable for your business. While most hosting service providers will have pre-designed blog templates for you to select the most suitable for your business, if you go for a paid blog service, you can have their designer design and layout a customized blog specifically for your business

- Create a list of topics you wish to cover in the blog posts. However, ensure the topics are in line with the theme of your business and aim to meet the business objectives set in place

- Be very consistent in your posts. Always remember the list of topics you created and aim to remain in focus. However, occasionally you can opt to offer general unrelated topics so as to broaden the blog’s appeal.

- Concentrate first on blogging and then start to market later on. It would look bad faith you simply jumped in and started to saturate the posts with marketing jargon. You will only have yourself to blame if you turn away potential readers. For starters, post around 20 blogs and only then can you start to market what you have on offer. Aim to offer informative information to the readers.

- When all is said and done, ensure you update your posts regularly so you can keep your visitors coming back for more.

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