Social media have genetically changed the way businesses are being handled nowadays. It helps in obtaining new potential customers and retains loyalty of the old ones. It can also support creating improvements for products and services of an industry or business. Social medial has been a great way of monitoring, owning, and even increasing business brand recognition. Here are several types of social media being used in promoting businesses:



By having a web space, the business can be more accessible and most likely to be much trustworthy. By providing essential data about the business, existing and prospective customers can be updated, informed and educate about the products and services of the business. Customers can also view and do transactions by the tip of their hands without having the hassle of time-consuming transport or waiting in a long line to be served.

Social Networking Sites

Impact of Social Media on World

Social networking sites can be used to quickly provide lists of viable leads or potential customers. For example on Facebook, it can create a large opportunity of being exposed to potential customers, considering that it has billions of users worldwide. Having business followed by numerous lists of fans in Twitter can establish its credibility to provide or even exceed customers’ requirement.

These social networking sites are also good marketing resources. It is inexpensive and efficient way of promoting the business’ products and services. It has various features such as posting of pictures of the products so that customers may be aware of what the business is selling.

Blog Sites


This social medial is a useful tool for improving the way business is handled. With customers’ feedback and or articles, the entrepreneur can have an idea on how to improve products or services for the betterment of the company. Having mostly positive blogs and or feedbacks also provides establishing the credibility of the business, making more customers trust your company to give them the product or services that they need.

Blogging can also give innovative, original ideas. Upon giving the customers’ demand, their differences on culture, religion, nationality and even on personalities can create ideas on how the business can deal with them more efficiently.

Blog sites normally composes negative and positive feedbacks or articles, but business should not be afraid whether they would get a bad or good one, because this social media gives the advantage of having the chance to explain, and to correct whatever shortcoming the business have.



This is a site where a business can upload and share marketing videos to promote its products and services. It is quite advantageous for businesses because it is free of charges and has limitless numbers of video upload. It just needs a creative mind so that the business can come up with a pleasant video that would attract the curiosity of customers. The video can include posting of your website thus customers who wants to learn more about the business products or services may access it immediately.

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  1. Vivek Parmar // March 8, 2011 at 4:41 AM  

    Social media has totally changed the business. If you have a social value then you can easily make money in no time

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