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If you are a blogger and have a good following, you need to work on the presentation of your blog. You will have to make sure that the template you are using in attractive and the color combination is simple. Sometimes in terms to look our blog more attractive we chose a background and text color, which are, contrast enough.

This kind of combination can make it difficult to read the blogs. You have to be precise about the placements and items to add in your blog page, to do this you do not have to be good in HTML as there are blogging templates provided by blog hosts from which you can choose a theme and template, which suits your needs. You can also make few changes in the template and delete or add extra items as per your need and choice; HTML code is automatically generated in this event.Choose Best Template For Blogging

Blogging tips to choose best BlogSpot template

Choose according to content in the Blog:

It is necessary to understand the content in your blog, if you are blogging for images (Photo blogging), Video blogging, Audio blogging, Text blogging or Blogging for ecommerce. Depending on the content, there are various preset templates available in BlogSpot.

Template should be SEO friendly

Make sure that whichever template you choose should be SEO friendly and will provide scope for editing and back linking. This is good for search engine ranks and loading of such templates is fast.

Look for the Preview facility

Any template you choose should have a preview facility, which will make it sure, that you will be able to see the post of your blog before you actually submit your post and you will understand the changes you have to make accordingly.

Eliminate interference of Widgets

Always go for the template with two sidebars whether you are using 3-column or 4-column template. This will make sure that any hosting issue from the widgets installed in sidebars will not interfere with the loading process.

Select colors and images wisely

Make sure that you use appropriate colors for background, White is ultimately the best color, but you can try faint colors with contrast text color, which should be soothing to eyes and should not be more vibrant. If you want to make use of images make, sure that loading process of images will hamper the loading of your blogs. Use the images in png format to eliminate this error.

Author Bio : Murat writes mostly on android market, on his website everything is free like there are too many free android games, apps, wallpapers, widgets, news and guides available.

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Social media have genetically changed the way businesses are being handled nowadays. It helps in obtaining new potential customers and retains loyalty of the old ones. It can also support creating improvements for products and services of an industry or business. Social medial has been a great way of monitoring, owning, and even increasing business brand recognition. Here are several types of social media being used in promoting businesses:



By having a web space, the business can be more accessible and most likely to be much trustworthy. By providing essential data about the business, existing and prospective customers can be updated, informed and educate about the products and services of the business. Customers can also view and do transactions by the tip of their hands without having the hassle of time-consuming transport or waiting in a long line to be served.

Social Networking Sites

Impact of Social Media on World

Social networking sites can be used to quickly provide lists of viable leads or potential customers. For example on Facebook, it can create a large opportunity of being exposed to potential customers, considering that it has billions of users worldwide. Having business followed by numerous lists of fans in Twitter can establish its credibility to provide or even exceed customers’ requirement.

These social networking sites are also good marketing resources. It is inexpensive and efficient way of promoting the business’ products and services. It has various features such as posting of pictures of the products so that customers may be aware of what the business is selling.

Blog Sites


This social medial is a useful tool for improving the way business is handled. With customers’ feedback and or articles, the entrepreneur can have an idea on how to improve products or services for the betterment of the company. Having mostly positive blogs and or feedbacks also provides establishing the credibility of the business, making more customers trust your company to give them the product or services that they need.

Blogging can also give innovative, original ideas. Upon giving the customers’ demand, their differences on culture, religion, nationality and even on personalities can create ideas on how the business can deal with them more efficiently.

Blog sites normally composes negative and positive feedbacks or articles, but business should not be afraid whether they would get a bad or good one, because this social media gives the advantage of having the chance to explain, and to correct whatever shortcoming the business have.



This is a site where a business can upload and share marketing videos to promote its products and services. It is quite advantageous for businesses because it is free of charges and has limitless numbers of video upload. It just needs a creative mind so that the business can come up with a pleasant video that would attract the curiosity of customers. The video can include posting of your website thus customers who wants to learn more about the business products or services may access it immediately.

Saksham likes to write for coupon websites where he shares some useful coupons. He blogs at many coupon blogs where he shares Norton coupon code and godaddy coupon codes.

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Twitter - Who’s Using & How they’re Using it? IS an Infographic given below which will help to answer those two questions. This Infographic is Generated from the Percent of American Internet Users in the Research Group who use Twitter.
Twitter Who is Using and How they are Using it {Click to Enlarge}
Do share your views about this infographic by commenting…

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There are already so many people who have been using blogs as their source of information, such as current events, business news, showbiz and many more. This has greatly influenced a lot of situations around the world, especially politics.

Actually, blogs have several types and the most widely used are the text blogs. What are text blogs? These are blogs that are in the form of contents or articles found in a blog. These contents may contain videos, images, podcasts, and many others.

Why blogging is so popular

There are many websites that host blogs and they are known as blog hosting sites. They provide bloggers with a basic blog structure, which may be changed according to the style they prefer.

Blog sites have also become the online diary of a lot of people. As a matter of fact, quite a number of showbiz personalities maintain a blog. They use this to update their fans regarding their day to day activities and at the same time, interact with them.

The most significant factor in a blog is its visitors. Visitors are also called readers or audience. When making contents for a blog, the needs of the visitors are highly taken into consideration. This is why most blogs have a particular space where visitors can leave their opinions or comments regarding the articles they’ve read.

Webmasters who want to promote their website can use blogs to boost their SEO rankings. They try to build quality links through the blogs, which all lead to the site they’re promoting. The more links, the higher the possibility of landing on a higher rank. Being on the top of the list of search engines automatically means that a blog is sure to get tremendous traffic.

Blogs also serve as good venue for advertisers. Bloggers can promote products or services by posting various contents about them, but it is important that the articles should sound natural rather than persuading.

For you to become a successful blogger, you’ve got to give significant time and effort to it. You should concentrate in building quite an amount of traffic and, of course, create excellent and quality contents.

If you want your blog to get the exposure that you want, there is a need for you to choose the right keywords. Placing the right keywords in your articles will help you achieve a promising slot in search engines. This will need you to do some research on what keywords to use to make your blog visible on the web.

Saksham is a part time writer and a blogger who likes to write for best web hosting sites which offer cheap web hosting and superb quality!

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A blog is a great way to skyrocket your profits as you get to save thousands of dollars that you could have otherwise channeled towards marketing and promotion, a blog will boost your profits significantly because not only are they easy and effortless to use, they are very flexible when it comes to spreading out information, they are customizable to complement any business, and above all else, they are free. Statistics show that a business that has a blog has a definite advantage over one that doesn’t have.


Advantages of blogs

- According to some word of mouth statistics, there are currently over 15 million blogs making their rounds on the WWW, with over 85,000 being added on a daily basis. Further, there are over 70 million internet users who read blogs. The benefit of a blog therefore is certain. Just think the effect you will have if you promoted one of your products on a blog and in a matter of days the blog makes its round among thousands of potential clients

- Bloggers are known to be very friendly and helpful individuals and you too can join in the culture and start to comment on other people’s blog posts.

- The best way to know how your products are viewed by people out there is through a blog, since your users can be able to write their feedback and reviews and at the same time exchange ideas on how you can improve your service or product for the betterment of your readers and of course to your advantage as you will start to rake up profits

- A blog facilitates an open and easy communication platform between you and you clients thus creating some loyalty and sense of confidence

How to start blogging for riches


- Look at the blog design and find the most customizable for your business. While most hosting service providers will have pre-designed blog templates for you to select the most suitable for your business, if you go for a paid blog service, you can have their designer design and layout a customized blog specifically for your business

- Create a list of topics you wish to cover in the blog posts. However, ensure the topics are in line with the theme of your business and aim to meet the business objectives set in place

- Be very consistent in your posts. Always remember the list of topics you created and aim to remain in focus. However, occasionally you can opt to offer general unrelated topics so as to broaden the blog’s appeal.

- Concentrate first on blogging and then start to market later on. It would look bad faith you simply jumped in and started to saturate the posts with marketing jargon. You will only have yourself to blame if you turn away potential readers. For starters, post around 20 blogs and only then can you start to market what you have on offer. Aim to offer informative information to the readers.

- When all is said and done, ensure you update your posts regularly so you can keep your visitors coming back for more.

Saksham a part time bloggers loves to write for blog hosts which provide unlimited webhosting and offer a superb quality!

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When looking for a place to post your articles or contents, you should try creating a blog. Blogging is one way to promote your business and also reaching your target market. However, it can be quite difficult to reach your market because it needs a lot of your time and effort. Long time bloggers have to continuously feed contents into their blogs just to be able to maintain their position in search engines. Blogging, in other words, is exhausting yet very effective.

Blog Tips For Making Money Online!

Being able to determine the needs of your readers is the first step to having a successful blog. Before choosing a niche for your blog, you have to make sure that you have enough knowledge about your topic. Since readers can already get hold of valuable information on the Internet today, writing quality contents for them is not the only thing that matters anymore, but the fulfillment of their needs.

Time management is also a secret to having a successful blog. If you know how to divide your time, you can easily make time for your blog. If you think you are too busy with your other activities and you can’t find time to create contents, then, consider managing your time.

When you have a blog, push your imagination to the limit if you have to in order for you to come up with more topics and ideas about your niche. Be creative and allow your imagination to take you to wider horizons. If something pops up in your mind, write it down even when you’re not in front of your computer. This will allow you to compose more contents than usual.

Blogging is not only about creating articles, but it is also about entertaining your readers. You may add pictures or videos into your blog, or if you have a great sense of humor, why not apply it to your contents? The information that you’re providing your visitors will just be put to waste if you do not add color to it.

You can’t become a successful blogger if you will not promote your blog. Your blog needs exposure for it to be noticed by your target market. Do not expect people to come to you, instead, you should have the initiative to approach them.

These are some blogging strategies that when done the right way, it will make you a successful blogger. Try to learn each of these strategies and you will surely be able to reach your market.

This amazing post is written by Saksham who blogs for web hosting blogs and sites and shares best cheap hosting services where you can find best webhosting and lots more.

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