If you have been looking for some great blogging tips, you have come to the right place. Make yourself comfortable and let's take a look at what you need to do. The fist thing you have to look at is your titles. The second aspect we need to look at with your blog is the language. Third we are going to look at the pluses of being controversial and welcoming user comments. Lastly we will want to check out the sights and sounds of your blog. Whether you blog for fun money, you need visitors to your site and these blogging tips will help bring them in.


FIrst when you are blogging you really need to pay attention to your titles. All most people are going to see is just the title anyway from a search or RSS feed. So you want that title to jump out and grab them by the eyeballs. Think about the tabloids at the local grocery store, how many times do you find yourself reading those? Sure you may not believe it, but those headlines grabbed you and pulled you in. If you on your titles in the same way you will have a much larger chance of having a successful blog.

Next you need to take a look at the language of your blog. Are you speaking to your core audience in the right way. If you aren't doing this correctly you are going to lose a core chunk of your audience. Think of it this way you will not talk to a group of computer wizards as you would to football players. You want to find their target voice and match that. The easiest way to think of this as sitting down and talk a friend with the same interests.

Another thing to do to make your blog grow is invite user comment. There are many blogs that thrive just on the comments and topics of the visitor. For this to work though you will have to become somewhat controversial. Find topics that are popular and take a view point that is so far off the wall and go with it. You will find in time that your blog is filled with comments disagreeing with you. This is the perfect way to get not only visitors but a lot of free content for the search engines.

Is Content everything

Lastly you need to look at the general media content of your site. Everyone loves to see media on blogs, as long as it is presented in conjunction with good content. Media on blogs is a surefire way to not only get more visitors to your site but to keep them there longer. This gives your visitor time to search around your site and may find content they would have otherwise missed. So be sure to add plenty of video and pictures through out your site.

There you have 3 surefire blogging tips to not only more visitors but to keep them at your site much longer. First thing remember to put a good bit of thought in your titles. Don't outright lie, but be sure to exaggerate some. Good titles will bring a lot more eyeballs to your page. Secondly be sure are talking in the right tone and language to the specific demographics of your site. Thirdly be controversial and invite users to comment on your blog. Last but not least be sure to add plenty of video and picture content throughout your site.

If you follow these simple yet powerful blogging tips, you have a thriving blog in no time at all.

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