The introduction of SIM only deals is a new concept that is being widely adopted and acceptable for those who have a handset and will have require only a SIM, can now to do this in ease with the introduction of the SIM only deals.

Sim only Benefits

These plans and offers have been encouraging and is inviting many customers for the following reasons:

1. They are environment friendly and also costs less:

SIM only deals is one of its kind where you will be gaining the option of not only reducing the amount you spend on the mobile bills every month by giving a margin of 50 per cent on the saving, which is also ecofriendly. How?

These SIM only plans will allow you to but only SIM cards, without getting into the phone contracts, wherein you will be also paying a monthly rental for the phone, and will not be able to opt in to get out of the contract without a loss. Moreover, once the contract is over, you will or may have to sign up again into the contract or look out for a much cheaper beneficial plan, which will force you to get into a new contract or renew the old contract without any changes. This means, that when you opt for another cheaper or budget contract then you will find yourself landing up purchasing a new phone, once in two years and may hit on your conscience of adding another burden to the environment. With the advent of SIM only deals, you can change the number with no contract in need.

2. SIM Only Deals Gives More On You Contracts:

You will be signing in with your SIM only deals for a month of one or two only, that you will find in the end that there is an option for you to choose another deal and keep trying different plans until you get the best one for you that will be cheaper and gives more value for use.

3. Will Let You Keep the Phone and the Number that you use currently:

The most advantageous feature of the SIM only deals is that you have the option of having the very same number and phone, but only changing the plan. This means that you do not have to change all the stored information and taking your time in doing so when you change the plan, and can always try the latest economical plans as and when you desire.

4. You can even shift between service providers:

These days the plans are so attractive that you are being given the choice of retaining your mobile phone and the SIM or the number when you shift between the mobile service providers by filling out a few forms.

5. More Benefits For Less Value:

This is the option for frequent travelers, who can switch to another network or service provider when they travel to another region frequently and thereby can cut on the roaming charges, and set up forwarding and redirecting the calls to another number while you are away on a travel.

Thus, these are some of the many benefits of SIM only deals with more access to free communication.

Author Bio : Saksham loves to write on mobile tips and tricks & he is an active writer at many SIM Only blogs. He is an active contributor for a SIM only site comparing SIM only plans and sim only iphone plans and contracts.

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    Interesting info there. Got to know more about SIMs. Thanks bhai.

  2. john martin // June 22, 2011 at 5:08 AM  

    really this 5 things helps very much...........

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