Most bloggers want to earn some additional income, or they want to blog for a living. To be successful of course you need to have traffic to your blog, and then have advertisements on your site that are relevant to its content. Some people just blog because they find it an enjoyable hobby and don’t care about making money from their site. Whatever the case, using these strategies will help your blog to be successful.

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Original content

writingFirst of all do some research and check out other sites in your niche. You can take ideas from them, but should never copy. Visitors to your site, as well as the search engines don’t want to see material that they have already read. If you want traffic to your site, then you need to be up in the search engines ranking pages (SERPS) not on page 100 where no one will ever find you. You are penalized for copying, and could have your blog site disabled. Try to find a new angle on your chosen subject and be original.


Don’t put too many ads on your site, and if you are choosing your own ads make sure they are relevant to your site. For example, if you have a site that is all about diet, Medifast or Nutrisystem coupons, then you should have ads such as the ones in which visitors can click on. If you have ads for chocolate or other fattening foodstuffs then this will not be at all relevant to your site and visitors will wonder why they are there.

Advertise established companies and products if you can, rather than gimmicky ones that people won’t trust. You want to make money from ads, so be choosy.


It pays to take time over the layout of your pages so that they are attractive to readers. Have an eye-catching image or two, which is relevant to your site’s content. Make sure you have proper paragraphs, not one long text, and have headings and sub-headings or bullet points or numbers. It’s a sad fact that visitors don’t tend to read all the content. They skim and scan for the information they require and leave.


How do you make sure that people stay in your blog? To do this you have to have links to your other posts which can be easily followed. They are easy to do and will keep people longer in your blog. You can link to other reputable outside sites that give more information on a topic, but make sure that the links you give are informative and relevant to your post.Link Building

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Write articles on your niche topic for an Ezine so that you get a free link back to your blog, or answer question on sites like Ask and Yahoo which give you the opportunity to link back to your site.

Facts not OpinionsFacts not opinions

Visitors to your site don’t really want to know about your opinion on a topic, although you can add a paragraph including it where relevant. What people want are facts. They are surfing the Net to get information about a topic and they want that information to be reliable.

Saksham is a blogger who enjoys writing about technology. He loves blogging for diet and weight loss program sites that offer newest promo coupon for Medifast and Nutrisystems discount code.

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