Okozo Desktop is all you need to transform your static Desktop into interactive one and would take you to the all new and animated and low resources world of creativity.

You can call Okozo Desktop a software or an useful application which would help you to gain access to a set of entertaining and useful set of wallpapers, they will help you to kill your time when you have nothing to do or when you feel bored Happy

There are many wallpapers for you to download and set your wallpaper from these categories Analog Clocks, Cartoons, Clocks, Digital Clocks, Interactive, Lights, Particles, Pixels and Waves.

But my personal favorite wallpaper from the set of different wallpapers are below…

Falling Leaves :Falling Leaves

The Leaves dynamically falls off of the tree and moves around the screen.

Pixel Hand Clock :Pixel Hand Clock

The Hands Show time in all possible ways Winking

Fish Wallpaper :Fish Wallpaper

This 5 small tiny fish will play on your desktop screen and would follow the mouse moment around the screen.

How To Transform Your Static Desktop to Interactive and Animated Desktop

Have a look on the video below to know how you can do it to…

Okozo Desktop works only for Windows Vista and Windows 7 Users.

Go ahead and Download Okozo Desktop and give it a try and I’m Sure you would love it.

Do comment back after trying Okozo Desktop…

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