Social media has upturned the entire planet. From Facebook to MySpace to Twitter, the social networking sphere has grown to astronomical proportions with 100s of millions of participants 24hours, 7 Days a week and 365 Days a year.

Impact of Social Media on World

Many people spend more time on their social network sites than they do traditional means of entertainment and communication. TV and radio as well as other forms have seen a drop or major change in demographics because of this trend. It's gotten to the point you can’t find a friend or relative unless you log on to the internet and sign in to your social network.

Everything from college friends to family to business communications are found in the social networking sphere and to keep on top of the news and other matters you no longer need go to your local newspaper or TV news. It often spreads throughout the web faster than television or radio can broadcast. Matter of fact today's headlines are of a great percentage the subject of social networks. The goings on be it Twitter or Facebook or some blog will upset the apple carts of businesses and countries the world over.

Let some celebrity slip on ice and it's all over the web before they even hit the ground including video and pictures all over YouTube.

You don't want to be the victim of these sites but you do enjoy the news and timely information as often the fastest way to get the word out is via social networking. Sometimes a product may have a fault like a washing machine gone on the fritz or some computer software needing help and the fastest way to get that info that remedies it is via your friends and family on your social network sites.

Businesses benefit greatly from social media as it allows them to promote new products, get customer feedback and more. You can see often how a new product or service spreads like wildfire all over the social media sphere as one person may find a product or service that revolutionizes the way things go and the next thing you know everyone has to have it. It's often better than word of mouth and saves the companies tons of money in ad revenue.

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Now that we're talking a truly global network, social media is changing the way we relate to one another and do business and administer the goings on in government, religion, romance, education, commerce, and more.

Do share your views about the impact of social media on your life And Happy New year to all my readers Happy

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