FEBE – Firefox Environment Backup Extension an Firefox add-on which allows you to easily and quickly backup your Firefox extensions, themes, passwords, cookies, bookmarks, preferences i.e it will backup your enter Firefox profile.

This extension is also useful to synchronize your office and home browser but to do this you would need FEBE add-on installed on both the PC.How To Backup Mozilla FirefoxDo Read : Enable Right Click On Any Website [How To]

Few Features of FEBE add-on :

  • You can Schedule automatic backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Backup Reminder.
  • One Click backup from the toolbar.
  • You can selectively restore only the items you need. For instance, you may just want your extensions restored and leave everything else as it was that can easily be done with the help of this add-on.
  • It Can Backup Firefox on its Startup and/or Shutdown.

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How to Backup Mozilla Firefox

  • First Install the Add-on.
  • On Single Click it will backup the entire profile.
  • The Backup file is created into installable .xpi files.
  • Restore the file whenever required.

Add To Firefox

Don’t Waste time go and add this add-on to Firefox.

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