Yesterday strange thing happened on Facebook every second status update i was seeing was from Blackberry, iPhone4, iPhone5 or from iPad. Everyone was saying “My First Status Update from…” Facebook Status update

These people were not having actual product via which they were updating there status but it was done from Facebook applications, now you can too update your status from your desire gadgets.

So How to Update Facebook Status From Blackberry, iPhone or iPad?

Quiet Simple Just Use Following Applications to Update your Status.

Facebook Status Update Via Blackberry

Facebook Status Update Via iPhone

Facebook Status Update Via iPad

So if you have not updated your status with any of the above gadgets then go ahead update your status and surprise your friendsWinking

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As New Year comes, everyone is planning something new and get out of the old. One of the most usually changed and replaced gadget is the mobile phone. New unit means getting greater benefits of user through commendable features. Cell phone marketers and producers are competing at the beginning of the year giving special promos to consumers. Because cell phones are of great use nowadays and can even be considered a requirement for our everyday life, it wouldn’t be a taboo to follow some rules in purchasing a new mobile phone. Below are some of the important things to consider when buying phones for 2011.

During yearend or start of the year, there are lots of promos that bargain mobile phones. There are some buy one take one marketing strategy being used to sell brand new mobile phones. Looking out for sales with good quality helps you save lots of money.

Important things to consider when buying mobile phones

Important things to consider when buying mobile phones in 2011

  • Another important thing to consider when buying mobile phones for 2011 is waiting for the brand new and right unit for you. If you think there isn’t any better deal out there for phones and you are quite good in waiting, you can wait for these phone units to be released and become available in the market. Looking for the best Phone Arena where you find best bargains is good.
  • The things to consider when buying mobile phones for 2011 also include being cautious about possible glitches. Be a bit careful on buying first generation phones because normally there are glitches which do not get bought until it is actually released. You can go for second generation mobile phones because second generation won’t have the same problems as what the first generation mobile phones had. It is up to you to decide whether you’re going to go early for the latest and newly released mobile phones with possible warts or patiently wait and make sure you’re not going to face these possible problems with the phone you will purchase. You can have the reviews and comments from the people who have purchased a particular unit first then evaluate and decide what should be yours. It wouldn’t be a big deal if you’ll hold your desire to buy a new phone for some time anyway.
  • Always make a test call when you receive your new mobile phone. Be sure that it isn’t a product of theft or other anomalies. Find the phones that have a good storage capacity or better expandable memory and can be interfaced with a laptop or PC so that you can also carry your files anywhere you go and use them anytime you need it.
  • Getting the best guarantee is the top and most important things that you should consider when buying phones for 2011. Check the warranty. Check the mobile phone parts, from keypads to batteries and LCD screen. The operator or dealer of the cell phone unit you buy can assist you in testing unit.
  • Researching is also part of the ongoing list of the important things to consider when buying phones for 2011. Browse the internet and do the search. Cellphone dealers offer free shipping normally and this will significantly give you convenience.

Guest post by Bilal Ahmad  who share monthly giveaway offers where you can get kaspersky key.

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There are lots of Sites with the help of which you can send free sms to any indian Mobile numbers but there are only handful sites which lets you send free sms without even registering on their site. I have Listed 5 Such Sms Sites which Lets you Send free Sms without registration.

Send_free_sms_smsti Logo

Smsti allows you to send free sms to any indian number with 160 Characters.


Bollywoodmotion Logo

Bollywood Motion dot Com Allows you to send free Sms with 500 characters.


Atrochatro logo

Atro Chatro Allows you to Send Free sms without even registering on their site with 149 characters.


Seasms Logo

Sea Sms Allows you to send free Sms with 160 Characters.


Spicesms logo

Spice Sms Allows you to Send free Sms with 130 Characters.

There might be many more sites which allows you to send free sms without registration, so if you know any other free sms site which allows us to send sms without registration then do share with us…

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Shortcuts are always easier to apply and use. Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts will help you to easily navigate around in the Facebook. These Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts are working in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers. Below is the List of these Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts.Useful Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

10+ Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Alt+Shift+1 or Alt+1 : It would take you to the Homepage of Facebook.
  2. Alt+Shift+2 or Alt+2 : It would take you to your Facebook profile page.
  3. Alt+Shift+3 or Alt+3 : It would open your Friend requests Tab.
  4. Alt+Shift+4 or Alt+4 : It would Open your Messages Tab.
  5. Alt+Shift+5 or Alt+5 : It would Show your Notification Tab.
  6. Alt+Shift+6 or Alt+6 : It would take you to Edit Account Page.
  7. Alt+Shift+7 or Alt+7 : It would take you to your Privacy Setting Page.
  8. Alt+Shift+8 or Alt+8 : It would take you to the Official Facebook Fan Page.
  9. Alt+Shift+9 or Alt+9 : It would take you to Terms & Condition Page.
  10. Alt+m : To Compose New Message.
  11. Alt+/ : It would take you to the Facebook Search Box which is at the top.
  12. Tab : Use this to Navigate through out the Facebook
  13. Right & Left Key : Helps you to easily Navigate Photos.

Hope the above Keyboard Shortcuts help you to navigate easily on facebook from now onwards.

Do let me know if you have come across any other Facebook keyboard shortcuts…

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There are many people out there who use simple and easy passwords so that they can remember them easily but these passwords open all windows for hackers to peep inside your personal information.

So below is an infographic which lists out 20 most common or rather popular passwords of all time and if you are using any of them then you should immediately change your password. This Infographic will also tell you about how to avoid the most common and dangerous passwords so as to secure yourself from the world of hackers.

How to avoid the most common and dangerous passwords

Source : Column Five Media

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Godaddy is running a promotion wherein you can get a domain name for just $1.47 (+$0.18 would be applicable as ICANN fee). So that means you can get a Domain name for just $1.67.

This offer is applicable only when you register or transfer your domain name for one year and by using this promotion code you can register or transfer any of the available .Com, .Net, .Org, .Ca,, .In, .Us, .Mobi, and .Biz

Under this promo code you can not pay using GoDaddy gift cards, PayPal or AliPay but you need to Pay via Credit Card only.

Promo Code : WINTER149

Godaddy Coupon Code Winter149

The Promo code will Expire after 10,000 redemption or on 11.59pm 16th February whichever comes first.

Don’t wait Go ahead and register a domain name before the offer ends.

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SEO stands for "search engine optimization".
This is a series of techniques and technologies to make the best of one's website's position on the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. There are many techniques for achieving a better position for your site or blog on the search engines and much debate arises over what is best.
Do Read : Tips to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings with SEO
You will often see sites and companies offering SEO services and making grandiose claims such as getting your website to the top of Google or Yahoo and it's a sure bet they're just boasting. The search engines are geared toward providing the most relevant information regarding specific search queries. Should you search for let's say, "how to buy a car", you'll end up with all sorts of generalized responses. However, if you specify a more targeted query such as "how to buy a 1965 Ford Mustang in PA", then you'll get a more precise response from the search engines.
These search engines are again, supposed to cater to your queries and not hit you with tons of advertisement responses. Each search engine is different however in that they each offer or present different responses based on their agendas. Some search engines are just spam farms. They’ll not return a response that is beneficial but responses that point you toward their advertisers. Other search engines however are more ethical and want to provide you with the best results regarding your queries and that's where SEO comes into play.
By the use of specific keywords placed strategically within the text and title of a website or blog so that as the search engine searches it looks for those words and phrases and should your website contain them and in some cases show enough popularity with other websites linking back to yours, your website rises in the ranks.
Such techniques as tagging pictures or stories and posts with relevant subject matter also contribute to more SEO and vigilant webmasters take great care in monitoring the changes and structure of the major search engines. Should a website drop in rankings, the smart SEO expert would look at what competition there is and correct their sites accordingly.
Do Read : Top 5 SEO Tips
As the search engines change their algorithms to perform more efficient tasks it's often that what worked before may not work now and a new strategy need be implemented. So this can often change the face of an industry so the smart webmaster is always on his or her toes.

Guest post by baba pandey who is an SEO Expert.

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Feedly – Is a magazine like Start Page. If you are a fan of Google Reader then Feedly is Definitely a must have add-on for you on your web browser.

Feedly will help you to manage your all subscriptions and will help you to view them in an clean layout, i mean to say in an magazine like layout.

To Start using Feedly you need to Sign in with your Google account and feedly will automatically fetch your Google reader settings on a single page.

How to View Feed in Magazine Like Layout?

First of All Add Feedly Add-on to your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or on Safari Web Browser.

Feedly Add On Extension

After that you will notice the Green Color Feedly icon in your browser, click on that and sign in via your Google account which you use to read your feeds.

Google login button

Thats all you need to do, now you will be able to see your feeds easily in magazine like layout.

Go ahead and install this add-on/Extension in which ever web browser you like.

icon chrome icon safariicon firefox 

Do let us know if you know any other add-on like feedly…

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We had covered on Blog is Blogging one Infographic about Microsoft Vs. Apple and today we would have a Look on an Infographic about Facebook Vs. Twitter.

This infographic is an Breakdown of 2010 Social Demographics So just have a look on the below given infographic

Facebook Vs. Twitter Breakdown of 2010 Social Demographics

Do share your views about this infographic….

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Hott Notes is an useful Desktop application which will help you to remember things easily. This app will help you to create sticky notes on your Desktop, in addition to that it will also help you to make Checklist ( TO DO List ) and Scribble.

Hott Notes

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Things Which you can Do with the help of Hott Notes

  • Write your Short or Long term goals.
  • You can Create Today’s To Do list (Checklist)
  • Write Down Phone Numbers.

Features of Hott Notes

  • Reminds you of important things whenever you use your Computer.
  • You can choose any color, font, or translucency level for your hott notes.
  • Double Click on the Note body. Edit it and Hit Done button so Editing notes is easy and non-obstructive.
  • Managing a large number of notes is easy.

Hott Notes will work only on Windows 2000/XP/Vista.


So go ahead and Download Hott Notes Now!

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If i am not wrong then Most of you are using the New Facebook profile page but what if you are not liking it and you want to get back to your old Facebook profile page only Thinking to do that you need to disable the New Facebook profile page right? SO let me show you How to do that and Get your Old Facebook Profile page.

How to Get Back your Old Facebook Profile Page.

Login to Facebook and Click on Account and then Click on Account Settings.

Account Settings

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Click on Settings tab there you will find many options like name, username, email, etc. on the bottom of that page you will see an option to “Deactivate Account” there click on Deactivate.

Deactivate Account

Now in the Reason for leaving select the option “This is temporary. I”ll be back.” Now Click on Confirm, after that you will be asked to enter your password to confirm that you want to leave.

Reason for leaving This is temporary I Will be back

Also Read : [How To] Verify Facebook Account / Remove Captcha

Now to reactivate your account, login in Facebook with your email and password and its done. You will now notice that your profile has old Facebook profile page.

That's all for today. Enjoy!

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Okozo Desktop is all you need to transform your static Desktop into interactive one and would take you to the all new and animated and low resources world of creativity.

You can call Okozo Desktop a software or an useful application which would help you to gain access to a set of entertaining and useful set of wallpapers, they will help you to kill your time when you have nothing to do or when you feel bored Happy

There are many wallpapers for you to download and set your wallpaper from these categories Analog Clocks, Cartoons, Clocks, Digital Clocks, Interactive, Lights, Particles, Pixels and Waves.

But my personal favorite wallpaper from the set of different wallpapers are below…

Falling Leaves :Falling Leaves

The Leaves dynamically falls off of the tree and moves around the screen.

Pixel Hand Clock :Pixel Hand Clock

The Hands Show time in all possible ways Winking

Fish Wallpaper :Fish Wallpaper

This 5 small tiny fish will play on your desktop screen and would follow the mouse moment around the screen.

How To Transform Your Static Desktop to Interactive and Animated Desktop

Have a look on the video below to know how you can do it to…

Okozo Desktop works only for Windows Vista and Windows 7 Users.

Go ahead and Download Okozo Desktop and give it a try and I’m Sure you would love it.

Do comment back after trying Okozo Desktop…

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FEBE – Firefox Environment Backup Extension an Firefox add-on which allows you to easily and quickly backup your Firefox extensions, themes, passwords, cookies, bookmarks, preferences i.e it will backup your enter Firefox profile.

This extension is also useful to synchronize your office and home browser but to do this you would need FEBE add-on installed on both the PC.How To Backup Mozilla FirefoxDo Read : Enable Right Click On Any Website [How To]

Few Features of FEBE add-on :

  • You can Schedule automatic backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Backup Reminder.
  • One Click backup from the toolbar.
  • You can selectively restore only the items you need. For instance, you may just want your extensions restored and leave everything else as it was that can easily be done with the help of this add-on.
  • It Can Backup Firefox on its Startup and/or Shutdown.

Do Read : [How to] Make Firefox look like Google Chrome

How to Backup Mozilla Firefox

  • First Install the Add-on.
  • On Single Click it will backup the entire profile.
  • The Backup file is created into installable .xpi files.
  • Restore the file whenever required.

Add To Firefox

Don’t Waste time go and add this add-on to Firefox.

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Voice Search is a Google Chrome Extension that provides a method to search by speaking isn’t it cool. This extension would require an microphone and this speech input is experimental so sometime it may not work, and try to speak clearly for it to recognize and provide necessary results.

For Example, if you want to search Blogging then just click on the microphone and say “Blogging”. Now suppose if you want to search Images of blogging then say “Google Images Blogging

Voice Search Google Chrome extension Speak Now

This Voice Search Extension comes pre-loaded with following services :

  • Google
  • Wikipedia
  • Youtube
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Wolfram|Alpha

Now if You want to Search Blogging on Wikipedia then say “Wikipedia Blogging” Simple Isn’t it.

So don’t wait just install Voice Search Google Chrome extension to search the web using your own voice.

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Meaning of Resolution : A firm decision to do or not to do something. So let us see what some of the famous company’s like Google, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, eBay, at&t and Microsoft intend to do in the year 2011. Let us have a glimpse on their 2011 Resolutions from the below infographic.

Resolutions for 2011 Google Yahoo Facebook Twitter Apple

[ Source – Joyoftech ]

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Social media has upturned the entire planet. From Facebook to MySpace to Twitter, the social networking sphere has grown to astronomical proportions with 100s of millions of participants 24hours, 7 Days a week and 365 Days a year.

Impact of Social Media on World

Many people spend more time on their social network sites than they do traditional means of entertainment and communication. TV and radio as well as other forms have seen a drop or major change in demographics because of this trend. It's gotten to the point you can’t find a friend or relative unless you log on to the internet and sign in to your social network.

Everything from college friends to family to business communications are found in the social networking sphere and to keep on top of the news and other matters you no longer need go to your local newspaper or TV news. It often spreads throughout the web faster than television or radio can broadcast. Matter of fact today's headlines are of a great percentage the subject of social networks. The goings on be it Twitter or Facebook or some blog will upset the apple carts of businesses and countries the world over.

Let some celebrity slip on ice and it's all over the web before they even hit the ground including video and pictures all over YouTube.

You don't want to be the victim of these sites but you do enjoy the news and timely information as often the fastest way to get the word out is via social networking. Sometimes a product may have a fault like a washing machine gone on the fritz or some computer software needing help and the fastest way to get that info that remedies it is via your friends and family on your social network sites.

Businesses benefit greatly from social media as it allows them to promote new products, get customer feedback and more. You can see often how a new product or service spreads like wildfire all over the social media sphere as one person may find a product or service that revolutionizes the way things go and the next thing you know everyone has to have it. It's often better than word of mouth and saves the companies tons of money in ad revenue.

Do Read : [How To] Send Bold & Underline Text In Facebook Chat

Now that we're talking a truly global network, social media is changing the way we relate to one another and do business and administer the goings on in government, religion, romance, education, commerce, and more.

Do share your views about the impact of social media on your life And Happy New year to all my readers Happy

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