Top 5 Gadget Releases

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Every year you can guarantee a new gadget will be released with so much hype nearly everyone has one by the end of the week. So which gadgets have been voted the most popular this year? Here we have a list of the best selling gadgets in recent years.

  • iPhone 4 – Probably one of the most expensive phones to date and was released in the UK this year. With so much hype the iPhone 4 astonishingly sold well over 1.7 million products within 3 days of release.

iPhone 4

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  • iPad – Another Apple product invention which is more or less in between the style of a touch screen phone and a laptop. Apple made over 300,000 sales within its first day of launch.

Apple iPad

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  • Playstation 3 – By far the most dreamed about console in the world (until the Xbox 360 came along of course). Playstation has done it again, but with Blue ray this time! The Japanese were the lucky ones to first be introduced to the console and over 80,000 Japanese purchased the console within 24 hours of its launch.

Playstation 3

  • Xbox 360 – People were more interested in the PS3 when it first came out but soon realised Xbox 360 was the cheapest and probably best option when it came to online gaming.

Xbox 360

  • Apple Macbook – A fantastic Macbook took the laptop industry by storm. Millions of sales already and it is believed sales would rise to a whopping 1000% by the end of 2012.

Apple Macbook

So which of the above gadgets do you own?

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