Excluding the great social networking sites Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can have many places over Internet to put your profile and search out a number of links. And Google Profile is amongst them.

In order to make your Google Profile go to http://www.google.com/profiles and submit your websites. Not surprisingly in the beginning, Google will leave a rel=nofollow point over the links. Eventually, though, they will take it out.

Google Profile

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The other phase is to develop an effective Google profile. Quality pictures should be added there. Complete and actual biographical matter is must, which is connected with your site. A confirmed email address or profile for any of your site is also the other requirement, which will be included in your Google Profile.

Here you go with a few tips :

The main reason behind your supreme bio as well as confirmed profile is your name search as people look for your name and it will be displayed high in the results.

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Use your profile as authorized, and catch your pals and links there. They will make a clack on the link heading to your websites, which can help egg on exchange or give you an opportunity to make use of it in link enticement.

Very similar method can be done with YouTube. If you put your website URL in your YouTube channel, at long last it will turn out to be dofollow. On the other hand, your channel should be functional and appealing; confirm it provides matter concerned with your site. This way you can include videos on a cyclic basis and do the advertising to create a center of attention for scores of subscribers.

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