Microsoft originator Bill Gates, as well as Apple Inc's famous chief executive Steve Jobs appears to have turned out to be the sovereigns of the technology globe with presenting amid five of the largely dominant 'geeks' on planet, as per a magazine.
The acclaim of altering our verves as well as the whole world by means of the most up-to-date technologies is also given to the software key Oracle Corp CEO Larry Ellison, Larry Page , co-originator of the Internet search giant Google as well as telecom emperor Carlos Slim Helu, as indicated by reports.
Encouraging the tech powers, the magazine mentioned, "Their technology drives our lives and our businesses. These super execs have changed the world and continue to do so."
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Gates, amongst the wealthiest people worldwide with a net value of $53 billion, set up Microsoft in 1975, which has turned out to be an essential element of about each single home these days.
"When Microsoft launched Windows in 1985, it sparked the beginning of a technology revolution that continues to evolve to this day. There isn't a home, office or business that doesn't have some kind of Microsoft component in it," as per reports.
Yet Steve Jobs is at least far wealthier Gates when the talk is about techs. If you possess a Macintosh PC, iPhone, iPod or iPad, sense on the house to show gratitude to Jobs. He, accompanied by his equal Steve Wozniak initiated Apple in 1976 and presented people the Apple I, II, Power Mac and Macintosh PC.

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