Top 5 Gadget Releases

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Every year you can guarantee a new gadget will be released with so much hype nearly everyone has one by the end of the week. So which gadgets have been voted the most popular this year? Here we have a list of the best selling gadgets in recent years.

  • iPhone 4 – Probably one of the most expensive phones to date and was released in the UK this year. With so much hype the iPhone 4 astonishingly sold well over 1.7 million products within 3 days of release.

iPhone 4

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  • iPad – Another Apple product invention which is more or less in between the style of a touch screen phone and a laptop. Apple made over 300,000 sales within its first day of launch.

Apple iPad

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  • Playstation 3 – By far the most dreamed about console in the world (until the Xbox 360 came along of course). Playstation has done it again, but with Blue ray this time! The Japanese were the lucky ones to first be introduced to the console and over 80,000 Japanese purchased the console within 24 hours of its launch.

Playstation 3

  • Xbox 360 – People were more interested in the PS3 when it first came out but soon realised Xbox 360 was the cheapest and probably best option when it came to online gaming.

Xbox 360

  • Apple Macbook – A fantastic Macbook took the laptop industry by storm. Millions of sales already and it is believed sales would rise to a whopping 1000% by the end of 2012.

Apple Macbook

So which of the above gadgets do you own?

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Excluding the great social networking sites Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can have many places over Internet to put your profile and search out a number of links. And Google Profile is amongst them.

In order to make your Google Profile go to and submit your websites. Not surprisingly in the beginning, Google will leave a rel=nofollow point over the links. Eventually, though, they will take it out.

Google Profile

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The other phase is to develop an effective Google profile. Quality pictures should be added there. Complete and actual biographical matter is must, which is connected with your site. A confirmed email address or profile for any of your site is also the other requirement, which will be included in your Google Profile.

Here you go with a few tips :

The main reason behind your supreme bio as well as confirmed profile is your name search as people look for your name and it will be displayed high in the results.

Do Read : Top 5 SEO Tips

Use your profile as authorized, and catch your pals and links there. They will make a clack on the link heading to your websites, which can help egg on exchange or give you an opportunity to make use of it in link enticement.

Very similar method can be done with YouTube. If you put your website URL in your YouTube channel, at long last it will turn out to be dofollow. On the other hand, your channel should be functional and appealing; confirm it provides matter concerned with your site. This way you can include videos on a cyclic basis and do the advertising to create a center of attention for scores of subscribers.

Do share your views by commenting below…

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Is content everything?

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Well, at every single place we perceive the sound of blogs, websites and search engine optimization aka SEO. I would like to ask you people what is the main point in all these things?

Whether you choose SEO for your website or your blogging purpose what will be your main concern?

Is Content everything

Well, there is much to talk about these concerns but the only concern should be the content. What ever we write, what ever we compose, what ever we post all this counts.

Well, do not mistake me this is my perception. I take content writing high. Yes, of course, keywords, links, images all of these issues are the major concerns in the field of blog SEO or site SEO. But we should take content creation as first preference.

Take for granted what if your blog or website is having attractive image, links or other videos but the visitor is on the lookout for appealing piece of writing? I or nobody else could refuse that images and other stuffs are not necessary but your web site or blog can run well if they do not have such items well. For the reason your content can wrap up further issues very well.

We should always perceive the sound of hearing “Content is King”, many times even at many places I read it and heard it and now I also mean it that Content is King! Content is King

Always take a crack at writing your content highly favorable for the visitors so that they could come back to your site or blog again and again, no matter they complaint for images or other links but they will come back as they like your piece of writing and they need it too.

On the whole, content is that power which can cover all the other faults of image and links easily. In the end unique Content is what makes you different from others.

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In the last post Website Planning - Part 1 we talked about the cost of creating a website, paying taxes on a website and timeframe for creating a website. Today in this post we will talk about Website Copyright Laws, Necessary Skill Building and User-Friendly Factor
website planning

Website Copyright Laws

By law, all original content created and displayed on your website automatically belongs to you. There are no additional steps required to officially copyright this content.
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Unfortunately, it is relatively easy to infringe on website copyright laws. For this reason, you should include only truly original text and pictures on your site, and possible consider marking your content with a ‘watermark’ that displays your domain name. While the first step will keep you out of trouble, the second step will potentially deter others from trying to steal or reuse your content.

Necessary Skill Building

The more you know about website design, the more professional and user-friendly your site will be. For this reason, you might consider taking an online or campus-based course in web design, or possibly consult a web-savvy friend. You can also purchase web design software, such as Microsoft FrontPage—ideal for beginners—or Dreamweaver, which is more complex but also, allows you to do more things.
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User-Friendly Factor

Communication is key, particularly if you are buying or selling products online. When a consumer buys a product online, they are committing to a purchase without ever having seen the actual product, which requires a tremendous amount of trust. The more accessible you are to the consumer, the more likely you are to establish the level of trust required for online business.
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For this reason, be sure to include a contact page with a reliable email address, customer service telephone number, and possibly even a postal address.
You might also consider an FAQ page that answers frequently asked questions about your products or services. And by all means, if a consumer contacts you directly, respond immediately. In many cases, a quick response to consumer concerns is the difference between keeping and losing business.

Bottom Line

The bottom line to creating a successful website is to gather as much knowledge and build as many skills as you possibly can, prior to beginning the creation process. While you can do this on your own, through trial and error, with the help of a friend, or by taking an official web design course, the important thing is to slow down and take the time to properly educate yourself.
Continue Reading the Top 5 tips to a successful blog
After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a truly successful website isn’t likely to be either.

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So you want to create a website. You have a topic or a product in mind, but you aren’t quite sure about all the gritty details involved in planning a website. For example, how much will a website cost? How do I find a web host and obtain a domain name? Are there copyright laws I should be aware of? Will I have to pay taxes on my site? How long will it take to create a completed website? And most importantly, do I even have the technical and creative skills to make a website work?

If you are asking these questions and more, you have already taken the first step to successful website planning. In fact, the more questions you ask, and the more information you obtain prior to beginning the creation process, the more successful your completed website will planning

The Cost of Creating a Website

In order to create a website, you must pay for a domain name—i.e. what your site is called—in addition to a web host fee. While the fee for domain names is typically paid annually, ranging from $5 to $15 per year, the fee to maintain a web host is typically a monthly fee of $3.50 to $7.75. Do not make the mistake of going a free web host, as this will affect your ranking with major search engines and thereby limit your site’s exposure.

Additional fees involved in creating a website include an outsourcing fee, if you decide to pay someone else to design your site, and possibly the cost of investing in a Web Editor program, if you decide to the design the site yourself. Professional web designers typically charge $25 to several hundred dollars per hour, while a solid Web Editor program will run you anywhere from $50 to $400. If you are creating an online store, you might also have to pay a fee for setting up a shopping cart, and for processing some credit card payments.

Paying Taxes on a Website

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Depending on the amount of revenue your site produces, you might be required to pay taxes on these earnings.

Timeframe for Creating a Website

While it is possible to create a website within hours, taking the necessary time to plan the site is imperative your website’s success. For this reason, you shouldn’t focus the amount of time it takes to create a site, so much as on the content of the website itself. In other words, slow down, do your homework, and stay focused on creating an engaging, user-friendly website, as opposed to a website your six year old daughter could have created in an hour.

In the Website Planning Part 2 we would focus on Website Copyright Laws, Necessary Skill Building and User-Friendly Factor till then enjoy…

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Cyberspace hаs а NEW marketing tool, even though they've been around for quite some time, yet, ONLY recently have been recognized as а Powerful communication tool for Internet marketers.

If you've been following the lаtest Internet mаrketing trends, then you've definitely heаrd of them.
Whаt's this new mаrketing tool I'm tаking аbout thаt every Serious mаrketer should hаve in plаce?
That is BLOGS! ...(А.K.А. Web-Log).

Now, just for those of you who аren't quite sure whаt а BLOG is, here's а quick definition:
А BLOG(А.K.А. Web-Log) is bаsicаlly а journаl thаt is аvаilаble on the web. The аctivity of updаting(usuаlly on а dаily to weekly bаsis) а blog is cаlled "Blogging" аnd someone who keeps а Blog is а "Blogger".
There you hаve it, quick аnd to the point Definition of a Blog.

Now for the rest of this аrticle I wаnt to talk about how ONE cаn $$Profit$$ by hаving there own Blog.
I'm going to list three wаys thаt I think аre the Best аnd most Powerful wаys to get the most out of your Blog.

Reach the target goal and that is Success (Profit)
So, with thаt sаid, let's go to Profit Tаctic #1.

Profit Tаctic #1. Writing "Аrticles".

Writing "Аrticles" аre а very Powerful wаy to profit from your Blog.
There аre mаny reаsons why "Аrticles" аre vаluаble to your Blog, but, for the purpose of this аrticle I'm going to give you the most importаnt pаrt, аnd thаt's your "Resource Box" аt the end of your аrticle.

Your "Resource Box" is like а clаssified аd аnd holds criticаl informаtion аbout You, your websites аnd whаt you hаve to offer them аfter they've reаd your аrticle.
The links within your "Resource Box" could leаd to your own Product or Service you hаve to offer, or they could leаd to а Аffiliаte Product relаted to the content of your аrticle.
This is а greаt wаy to give them something of "Vаlue", which is the informаtion within the аrticle, аnd а greаt wаy to get them to tаke аction by wаy of getting them to click on one of the links within your "Resource Box".

Thаt's "Profit Tаctic #1".

Profit Tаctic #2. Writing "Product Reviews".

Writing "Product Reviews" is а greаt wаy to profit from your Blog simply becаuse they аllow you to Soft-Sell your potentiаl customer by wаy of giving them your personаl opinion on the product you аre recommending аnd then providing them with а link if they wish to look into it further, insteаd of throwing а Sаles Pitch аt them.

Nobody likes to be sold, but, offering them your insight on а Product аnd/or Service thаt could help solve the problem they're deаling with is yet аnother greаt wаy to profit from your Blog аnd mаke you look like а Hero.

Thаt's "Profit Tаctic #2".

Profit Tаctic #3. "Text Аd" Progrаms.

"Text Аd Progrаms" like Google Аdsense аre yet Аnother greаt wаy to profit from your Blog.
I've listed these "Text Аd" progrаm for а reаson, It is а Pаy-Per-Click(Google Аdsense) аnd shows relаted аds to the content on thаt pаrticulаr webpаge.

Here's аn exаmple of how mine looks if you were to set-up your Blog through --
The greаt thing is... they'll be displаyed on every pаge of your Blog when you mаke а post.

Now, I'm sure there аre mаny other wаys to $$Profit$$ from your Blog, but these ones in my mind аre the most Powerful.
Well... there you hаve it, "3 POWERFUL Wаys To Profit From Your BLOG".

If you hаven't stаrted а BLOG, mаybe it's time you considered it since NOW you hаve some incentive.

I truly hope this аrticle helped you reаlize the $$Profit$$ potentiаl your Blog could hаve аnd how you cаn stаrt incorporаting it... Stаrting TODАY!

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Chatroulette, iPad and Justin Bieber handled to outdo the most searched terms on Google 2010. Google announces this information in their yearly Zeitgeist report which arranges all the billions and millions of search questions that Google manage each year.

Chatroulette was the top increasing search term on the Internet. This website was made by an adolescent Russian scholar and has set off a terrible lot of alarm all over the world, but this hasn’t hindered its triumph. It joins up video tête-à-tête with unsystematic users worldwide, and you by no means make out who or what you’re about to meet next.

Google Search

iPad got the second position. The second best ever increasing hunt, there definitely was an appalling lot of publicity developing to the issue of the iPad, and that excitement has still sustained even later than its presentation.

Check : Te3h dot Com

Justin Bieber led to the third position. The youngster wonder has arrived at incredible heights of reputation in a very short span of time. Ideal singles as well as sold out recitals go along with this songster. He in addition surpassed the listing of Fastest Rising In Entertainment as well.

Check out the top 10 risers as well as fallers below.

Top 10 Risers of 2010

  1. Chatroulette
  2. iPad
  3. Justin bieber
  4. Nicki minaj
  5. Friv
  6. Myxer
  7. Katy perry
  8. Twitter
  9. Gamezer
  10. Facebook

Top 10 fallers 2010

  1. Swine flu
  2. Wamu
  3. New moon
  4. Mininova
  5. Susan boyle
  6. Slumdog millionaire
  7. Circuit city
  8. Myspace layouts
  9. Michael jackson
  10. National city bank

Check the complete list over Google Zeitgeist.

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The iPhone has become probably the biggest thing since cell phones hit the market some twenty years ago. However what’s so different about the iPhone is that it has spun a whole new trend i.e. installing and purchasing apps and games. The idea of installing apps and developing apps for cell phones is nothing new; it has been around for close to a decade now. The difference has been in the approach that Apple has taken by opening up their app store that allows anyone with a good app can make money.

Make Money Online Selling iPhone apps

Do you need to be a programmer?

In order to start developing and selling apps for the iPhone you first need to download and start using the iPhone SDK. You should have some basic understanding and knowledge of programming languages and in particular Java. Now although being a programmer can definitely help with developing your own apps you don’t have to be a programmer to make money, all you need is an idea and then you can hire a programmer to develop a program for you based on that idea. A programmer can charge you anywhere from $80 to over $100 an hour if you hire locally or you can also hire a freelancer to do it for you for the fraction of the cost.

Do Read : Review - iPhone 4

How do you make money?

There are two ways of making money via your developed apps. The first obviously involves selling your apps. You can either decide to keep the license to the app and sell it to individual iPhone users via the app store or you can decide to sell the app outright for a fixed amount. The latter of which can be a good way to recover your investment with a profit in the shortest period of time. An iPhone app can sell for anywhere from $200 over $5000 if you are selling it outright with the licenses. If you are just selling it to individuals you can chose to sell it for around $20 a download in order to attract a fair number of people.

The second way of making money via your apps is through advertising. Once people begin using your apps you can sell advertising space on your apps to make money. This however works if you offer your apps as a free download. It also helps if you first establish a sizable user base before you start putting advertisements on your software.

So don’t forget to share your iPhone app with us Happy

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The Web Big Name has introduced the features of their coming cellular phone presenting the latest edition of Android. The Nexus O is to be a Samsung! 

Samsung is the most excellent vending cellular phones including the Android OS by Google.

Do Read : SamGoogle nexussung Galaxy S i9000 Mobile - Review

Its S Galaxy, a duplicate of Apple's iPhone, vended like hotcakes. Samsung adds force to its place on doubling up the Smartphone market. The Nexus O is armed with a 1 GHz processor as well as 16 GB of inner memory. For demonstration, it will present the privately owned Samsung AMOLED display Super-800 x 600 pixels.

The Cam will not let down, by 5 megapixels, a flash as well as automatic focus adjustment. In particular, the Nexus O will be the number one to assimilate the latest OS Google Android 2.3 "Gingerbread".

Do Read : Nexus S phone With Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS by Google

Following the disappointment of the Nexus One, which was vended just online, Google has as well altered its methodology and offer associations with operatives to advertise its mobile phones.

In France, SFR would succeed the game, also offer the Nexus S prematurely in the year 2011. The Smartphone will be offered in the U.S. from T-Mobile, charging $ 199 including contribution. Google believes that its Nexus edition is supposed to be the target in terms of attributes as well as capabilities.

Author Bio : Mark who work for Go-gulf, a web design kuwait company that provides web design solution in Qatar, Sharjah and Middle East.

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Finally you can now view your Blogger (BlogSpot's) blog posts mobile version on your Smartphone's. Jiho han just announced the launch of mobile templates.

Blogger Mobile Templates

Initially its available only on Blogger in Draft only. Mobile Templates would enhance your readers viewing experience on Mobile.

How To Activate Mobile Templates on Blogger

  • First Go to Blogger In Draft
  • Then Go to Dashboard > Settings > Email & Mobile tab, enable the mobile template option and then Click on save settings.

mobile templates for Blogger blogspot

You can Click on Mobile Preview to know how your blog would appear on mobile devices.

Blog is Blogging Mobile PreviewBlog is Blogging QR Code

There is a QR-Code To the Right of the option beside the mobile templates, you can scan the code and visit the site directly from your Smartphone's. And when you opt-in for mobile templates then your blog would automatically redirected to the mobile view.

If you look at the mobile view of BlogisBlogging then you will notice that Mobile Adsense Ads is there at the top of the post page and the same would appear at the bottom of the index page if the blog has an Adsense gadget or inline ads.

Initially Mobile template Available on 6 Variant of Simple and 6 Variant of Awesome Blogger template. If you are using these template then your mobile view would appear like your desktop view only and other template would look like simple.

So whats your view on Mobile Templates – A New feature on Blogger. Do share via commenting below.

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Microsoft originator Bill Gates, as well as Apple Inc's famous chief executive Steve Jobs appears to have turned out to be the sovereigns of the technology globe with presenting amid five of the largely dominant 'geeks' on planet, as per a magazine.
The acclaim of altering our verves as well as the whole world by means of the most up-to-date technologies is also given to the software key Oracle Corp CEO Larry Ellison, Larry Page , co-originator of the Internet search giant Google as well as telecom emperor Carlos Slim Helu, as indicated by reports.
Encouraging the tech powers, the magazine mentioned, "Their technology drives our lives and our businesses. These super execs have changed the world and continue to do so."
Do Read : 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs
Gates, amongst the wealthiest people worldwide with a net value of $53 billion, set up Microsoft in 1975, which has turned out to be an essential element of about each single home these days.
"When Microsoft launched Windows in 1985, it sparked the beginning of a technology revolution that continues to evolve to this day. There isn't a home, office or business that doesn't have some kind of Microsoft component in it," as per reports.
Yet Steve Jobs is at least far wealthier Gates when the talk is about techs. If you possess a Macintosh PC, iPhone, iPod or iPad, sense on the house to show gratitude to Jobs. He, accompanied by his equal Steve Wozniak initiated Apple in 1976 and presented people the Apple I, II, Power Mac and Macintosh PC.

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Social game creator maker Zynga released its most up-to-date Facebook game on the earth, City Ville. The game, the opening Zynga label to get a worldwide crush, is as well the leading game presentation in the corporation’s record.
In the initial 24 hours of inauguration, over 290,000 people granted CityVille a try. FrontierVille, which had formerly occupied Zynga’s “biggest game launch” heading, met 116,000 players its opening day.
CityVille is sort of a mash up sandwiched between FarmVille and Sim City. Amongst the significant old characteristics of the game is that pals can fix “franchise” dealings on one more friend’s game set.
Within the initial 24 hours, Zynga reports that 25% of players have settled down to make franchises in their pals’ cities. Moreover, 2.7 million houses and over 500,000 bakeries have been put up.
FrontierVille was Zynga’s most recent high-status game presentation and it supervised to increase 5 million regular players in simply less than two weeks. Six months soon after, above 6.5 million individuals joined in the game on a daily basis.
Sporty social games have been amongst the most continuing styles of 2010. It appears simply pure that Zynga would conclude the year with a sensation simply from the very beginning.
If you have played this leading game what are your comments about such continuing nature of communal games?

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Carol Bartz, Chief Executive Officer at Yahoo! Inc. stated social networking head Facebook Inc. has come forward in the role of a better challenger than Google Inc., holder of the largest Web-search engine.

“Our greatest competitor probably is Facebook, more so than Google,” Bartz stated at a discussion in New York the recent past. “They’re a hot site, but there’s room for more than one of anything.”

Carol Bartz Yahoo CEO

Bartz told her corporation once considered purchasing confidentially held Facebook for approximately $1 billion and so on her purchase tactic is to crack down on corporations that carry users, substance, engineers as well as marketing expertise. Yahoo is including attributes to prevent utilizing Web surfers to websites like Facebook as well as Twitter Inc. that ease to connect with pals.

The second-year CHIEF EXECUTIVE has reduced expenditures, cut back irrelevant stuff and cracked down Yahoo on news, sports including other matter. She as well hit a corporation that allows Microsoft Corp. deals with the procedure of Web search, whereas Yahoo manages marketing deals. She’s been a little victorious vitalizing development and matching newer, quickly developing Web corporations.

Inquired about her feelings on whether Yahoo is supposed to lead private, Bartz stated she has no plans to acts so. She however stated Yahoo will stay functional to users owing to its aptitude to personalize as well as systematize matter from the Web’s 240 million websites.

“For the most part, people pretty much want this curate for them,” she stated.

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The internet monster Google Inc has declared the inauguration of its most modern Smartphone, Nexus S, along with the latest edition of its well-liked Android Smartphone OS, Gingerbread.

The latest Google Nexus S Smartphone is made by world's second leading cell phone manufacturer, Samsung. The hottest cell phone presents matchless characteristic, Near Field Communication, which assists consumers to recompense by waving a gadget above an electronic reader.

Google nexus s

The Nexus S Smartphone functions on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and is power-driven by 1 GHz Hummingbird processing unit. It features a huge 4-inch WVGA touchscreen show as well as a 5 megapixel cam including LED spark. The front featuring VGA camera presents video calling service.

This latest mobile gadget includes 512 MB RAM plus 16GB inside memory with micro SD assistance equal to 32 GB. The hottest Gingerbread OS makes this gadget step in amongst the fastest gizmo in the phone marketplace.

Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, Internet Calling and copy-paste are the other features.

Nexus S Specifications:

* 4.0 inch WVGA (800 x 480) touchscreen show
* Super AMOLED
* 5 MP cam with LED flash
* VGA cam for video calling
* Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS
* Android User Interface
* 1GHz Cortex A8 (Hummingbird) processor
* 16 GB inside memory
* 512 MB RAM
* Quad-band GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900
* Tri-band HSPA: 900, 2100, 1700
* HSPA type: HSDPA (7.2Mbps) HSUPA (5.76Mbps)
* Bluetooth 2.1
* WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
* USB 2.0
* 3.5mm headphone jack
* Near Field Communications (NFC)
* Contour Display
* Assisted GPS (A-GPS)
* Three-axis gyroscope
* Anti-fingerprint display layer
* Internet Calling facility (VoIP/SIP)
* Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) (1500 mAH)
* 6 hours talk time
* 428 hours backup
* Dimensions -63.0 mm (w) X 123.9 mm (h) X 10.88 mm (d)
* Weight 129.0 grams

Google proclaimed that the latest Nexus Smartphone will be presented in United States marketplace by 16th of Dec.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS

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SEO is the process of optimizing a website in order to rank it high on search engine results. Whenever someone searches for a relevant phrase or a word on search engines, you want to display your website in the top results. It is quite interesting to note that among the 900 million websites that appear for the search query, if your website fails to appear in the top 10 pages, then it is virtually invisible to the searcher.

Tips to increase your rankings with SEO

It could be quite a challenging task to attract visitors to your website. Using search engine optimization is neither a trick nor a back, it is simply writing the pages in a way so as to provide the customers exactly what they want. The following tips will help you use SEO better to increase your website’s rankings.

Do Read : Top 5 SEO Tips

The first step is to choose a target phrase, which shall describe your page comprehensively. It needs to have three aspects – it needs to be an important part of the content, the phrase should be accurate and relevant to the information and it should be popular in such a way that the phrase is the first thing that comes to the searchers mind. For instance people searching for food for their cats will simply type ‘cat food’. The second step is to write your page with relevant and useful content. The focus should not be solely on meta keywords, but also on providing helpful content to the prospective customer. Another point to note is that the more your target phrase is popular on the search engines, the more will be the competition. Hence, analyzing your competitions target phrase can help you create a phrase unique to yourself, which will help you corner others aside.

Do share your views about above SEO tips?

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Blogs are maintained by Bloggers by publishing content to a blog regularly so that others may read it. Justin Hall, who began personal blogging in January 1994, a student at Swarthmore College, is generally recognized as one of the earliest bloggers. So In 1994 the blog was born, and since then, human interaction has never been the same. Below is an beautiful infographic about “The Evolution of the Blogger

Do Read : 15 Interesting Facts About Wikipedia

The Evolution of The Blogger
( Source )

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