MotoNav TN700 series is a new line of portable navigation device produced by Motorola. It seems probable that this is Motorola's answer to the unfavorable reviews of its MotoNav TN30 PND. Instead of releasing minor updates with fixes, it decided to challenge its competitors with a whole line of better researched and designed products.
TN765t has the distinction to be the first model in this new line. The PND design is retooled, the onscreen experience optimized with the menu screens and map merged into a slick and seamless interface. Motorola MotoNav TN765t Car GPS review It is obvious that the TN765t is sporting a cinematic wide-screen display. Its 5.1-inch color LCD features an aspect ratio that is much wider than the 16:9 aspect ratio of other wide PNDs. It also has the advantage of taking up slightly less windshield space than other 5-inch devices, allowing a better view of the road ahead for the driver. The screen unsurprisingly comes with a matte finish to preserve visibility even under direct sunlight.
The MotoNav package ships with a windshield-mount car kit. The car kit incorporates an FM-traffic data receiver. One of the advantages offered by the TN765t's cradle is that it can draw power from the PND's internal battery, allowing it to be used without a 12-volt power connection for short trips. Other accessories include a 12-volt power cable, an adhesive dashboard mounting disc, a Micro-USB cable, and a multilingual user's guide.
The interface of the TN765t is pretty standard for a PND. There is a main map screen with info bar along the top edge and soft keys for voice command. There are additional left and right panels from beyond the edges of the screen, providing routing options and preferences and other information.
The MotoNav is able to download free traffic data for major highways when it is connected to its charging cradle. It is also worth mentioning that the TN765t has support for phone function integration through Bluetooth connectivity. Not only will you have better voice call and SMS experience while travelling, the integration also makes it possible for the system to fetch latest data for fuel prices, weather forecasts and flight status through your phone's voice connection and report the information to you.
The device performed reliably throughout testing. Some initially reported Bluetooth connection stability issue has apparently been fixed with a firmware update. However, the TN765t is also known to have trouble maintaining an accurate position representation when one is in urban cities surrounded by highrise buildings. Apart from this and some minor voice command recognition issues, we could safely conclude that the TN765t represents a markedly improved product by Motorola and is a serious threat to other PNDs out there.

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