Google chrome is undoubtedly a great innovation in the web world. It might need quite an effort and time to beat the robust and high-speed browser like Google chrome. Surprisingly the design of the user interface is one of the most loved ones in the internet browser arena. However, it requires certain minimum configuration to install Google chrome in a system for the browser to work properly. In case your home PC is an obsolete model or would you like to try your hands on some creativity, you can make the Firefox browser look like Google chrome.

How to make Firefox look like Google Chrome Chromifox

The creativity and innovation of open source platforms are well known to the world. The Firefox community has developed themes that resemble Google chrome within a short span after the release of the legendary Google chrome. This Firefox extension named as Chromifox could make the Firefox browser appear as if it were the Google chrome browser. It works well on all operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Max OS X.

While this provides cute looks with its soft blue theme to the Firefox browser, you should also be aware that a few third party extensions might not function properly.

Download Chromium Basic | Chromium Extreme

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