Apple iPad - Review

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The iPad has to be one of the biggest gadget releases within the last decade and has almost certainly taken the gadget and electronics industry by storm. You can’t beat playing about with a new gadget but the iPad offers its users a completely different dimension.

Apple iPad review

You will never get bored when using the iPad just because it caters for everyone and has everything from games, videos, books, the internet and so much more. The iPad is very thin and pretty much weightless so travelling regularly with the iPad is so easy and possible. In the gadget industry you do get the odd ugly gadget but this sleek modern looking iPad is very simple and looks good on the eyes – so it’s not all looks but you also get a product that has everything you need.

There are already a variety of different iPads available to buy which is quite surprising seeing as it’s a brand new product, but these can range in colours, screen size, hard drive size and of course speed and technology. The only problem with the iPad is the fact it has no USB ports so this can be a very big problem if you’re looking to upload or transfer work from a different apple product.

If you are looking for something different than the boring desktop pc or something with just as many features as the regular laptop and more then the iPad is definitely for you! iPad with all the features it come with – its definitely isn’t cheap but I’d definitely say it is well worth the money you spend on it.

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