Be prepared. The revolution is already here. More and more people seem to prefer electronic-books over the solid paperback books now. Not only are the major online bookstores restructuring their inventories to cater to increasing demand for eBooks, they also plan to lock in a major portion of the eBook buyers to their brands, by introducing their proprietary electronic-book reader.

First we have the Amazon Kindle and now the Barnes & Noble's Nook has also been widely received and is enjoying a sizeable market of its own. No doubt, there are other pretenders hoping to have an outside chance to dislodge the two giants, but they are just not worth mentioning plainly because they lack the market base, inventory and infrastructure of an established publishing company in the mold of Amazon and Barnes & Noble to back their ventures.

barnes and noble nook

Despite being the new kid on the block, the signs are looking good for Nook. It was presented with the TechCrunch Best New Gadget Crunchie award for 2009 and its sales have far surpassed the initial sales expectation of the manufacturing company. Nook was noted to have advantages over its competitors due to its superior connectivity and content, color touch screen, user-friendly features as well as expandable storage space up to 16GB.

Recently, the price of Nook was reduced by about $50 and the manufacturing company also announced the launch of a new Wi-Fi-only model which is significantly cheaper than the original Nook. The device which also comes with a web browser, a built-in dictionary, Chess and Sudoku, an audio player and speakers is clearly giving other handheld devices (tablet included) a run for their money.

The firmware of Nook is continuously being improved and updated. Optimistic fans of the device have expressed confidence that there is potential for significant enhancement and there are even rumours that additional applications and social networking capabilities will be added in the future.

Now if you want to grab one NookColor then you can check the official website of Barnes & Noble.

Now won't you please take a look at the Nook?

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