Skype allows users to make voice calls over the Internet. Calls to other Skype users are free. Skype has finally come with a new version Skype 5.0 for windows.

facebook Skype

What's New in this Version???

  • Call and text friends from your Facebook News Feed and Phonebook.
  • Group video beta: get together with loved ones and colleagues over video.
  • Automatically recover dropped calls.
  • New, easier to use design.

Group Video Calling is a beta feature and one more thing everyone on calls needs Skype 5.0 for windows for group video to work.

With Facebook Integration you can see Facebook phonebook, which lets you call & Sms your friends on Facebook. You can also Comment and “Like” on wall posts from Skype beta facebook

Skype 5.0 comes with enhanced call quality experience, suppose if your calls get interrupted due to internet problems than with this newer version Skype will re-establish the connection to the person you’re calling automatically.

Offline IM, now you can send and receive messages from your friends who are offline.

Download Skype 5.0!!!

Skype 5.0 Facebook Integration Windows

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