blogger-logo-small Bloggers Working Part Time Or Full Time Sit In Front Of Computer For Long Hours. Like Me And Many Other Blogger May Have Faced Some or The Other Problem Which They Suffer While Their Blogging Time And They Face Numerous Health Problems And the Main Reason For Their Unhealthy Condition Are :Health Problems of Bloggers

    • Carelessness on their own health
    • No time to take care of themselves
    • Long hours work
    • Mental strain or stress
Due to Unhealthy Conditions Which Are Listed Above The Bloggers Generally Suffer The Below Listed Problems :

    • Back pain, neck pain and hand pain
    • Eye problems
    • Obesity and weight gain
    • Stress and depression
    • Bad addictions ( alcohol and smoking)
In The Next Post Will Tell About The Tips To Overcome These Health Problems. Do You Suffer Any of These Problem And Would You Like To Share Your Views On It.

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  1. roezer // May 13, 2010 at 7:43 AM  

    Good topic to hit on I do not have the Weight Gain Problem because I am Mostly Drinking Coffee and Smoking as I blog.The Back Pain is the Worst especially if you are not sitting correctly for hours.As for Stress well that happens every time I open my Mail.

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